When is Easter 2021? Explains the origin, the content of the event, the meaning of the rabbit and the egg

When is Easter? Let’s know the origin

When is Easter 2021 or “Easter” is also called “Easter” in the World? In fact, in overseas Christian areas, it is more important than the aforementioned “Christmas” and “Halloween.” This time, I would like to introduce the time, origin, and what kind of event this “Easter” is.

◆ From when to when is Easter?

In the case of Christmas, you enjoy decorating and preparing not only on the day but also before that. Similarly, Easter festivals take place not only on the day but also over a long period of time. The period is from 40 days before the day of Easter to 50 days after the day. In other words, the Easter celebration period is 90 days. what is the rarest date for easter, to find this read the article carefully?

Moreover, in the Christian sphere, there are as many as 12 holidays during Easter. You can see how important Easter is for people living in the Christian sphere.

◆ When is Easter 2021?

Christmas is December 25th and Halloween is October 31st. Many overseas events have fixed dates, but in fact, Easter has different dates depending on the year. The Easter date or When is Easter 2021 is “Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox day”. It may be a little difficult to remember. In 2021, Sunday, April 4th will be Easter.

◆ Let’s know the origin of when is Easter started

Easter is called “Easter” because it celebrates the day when Jesus Christ was resurrected. Jesus Christ is betrayed by one of his disciples, “Judah,” and is crucified and executed. However, when Jesus Christ was executed, he predicted that he would be resurrected on the third day of execution.

Jesus Christ was executed on Friday. On the third Sunday, Jesus Christ will be resurrected. In addition, the name Easter is said to be derived from the ancient Germanic spring goddess “Easter”. A frequent question appears in the mind what is the rarest date for easter. In short, Easter is a festival that celebrates the resurrection of Christ and the arrival of spring.

What is the Easter event or When is Easter 2021? Decoration and standard dishes

It was an introduction about the time of Easter and its origin. Next, I would like to introduce three typical things that we are actually doing at Easter.

1: Egg hunt

Speaking of Easter’s classic play, “egg hunt”. It is a play that is becoming popular in Japan these days. In England and Belgium, it seems that large-scale egg hunts are held in parks.

The “Easter egg” is hidden in advance in the room or in the garden, and children look for it. For those who are afraid that the Easter eggs will break, we recommend putting sweets in egg-shaped chocolate or egg-shaped case. what is the rarest date for easter?

2: Egg and spoon race

As you can imagine from the name, it is a play to race with an Easter egg on a large spoon. There is no set type of spoon, and you can play with a curry spoon or a small ladle, so adjust according to the difficulty level.

In Australia and elsewhere, they also sell kits containing spoons and toy eggs for egg-and-spoon races. When small children participate, it is recommended to use an egg-shaped ball instead so that it will not be a problem if dropped.

3: Devil Egg

Devil eggs are a staple of Easter. First, cut the boiled egg in half and take out the yolk. Simply season the yolks with mayonnaise, mustard, paprika powder, etc., and stuff them into the part that originally contained the yolks. It looks cute and can be easily made, so it may be fun to make it with children.

Why decorate Easter rabbits and eggs? And When is Easter 2021

When you look at Easter decorations, you often see rabbits and eggs. These are called “Easter Bunny” and “Easter Egg”. I’ll show you why you decorate this Easter bunny and Easter eggs for Easter. what is the rarest date for easter?

◆ Rabbits and When is Easter 2021 eggs are symbols of prosperity

Rabbits and eggs have long been a symbol of prosperity and fertility. However, the symbol originally used at Easter was the “Easter egg”.

Easter eggs are a symbol of “resurrection”. The appearance of chicks breaking through the shell of an egg is reminiscent of the birth of life. It came to be thought of as the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and eggs were used. what is the rarest date for easter?

There are various theories about the When is Easter 2021 bunny, but it is said that it started when a child who was doing an egg hunt saw a hare appearing from the grass where the eggs were hidden. There is also a saying that “Easter bunny will bring you Easter eggs and sweets”.

◆ How to make a cute Easter egg. When is Easter 2021

To make an Easter egg, prepare not only eggs and bowls, but also coloring tools such as food coloring and paints, and beads and ribbons for decoration. Carefully puncture the top and bottom of the egg with a pick and remove the contents of the egg from it. If the contents do not come out easily, you can take them out smoothly by stirring the contents with a wire.

Rinse the removed eggs thoroughly and use food coloring or paint to prepare the colored water while it is drying. The color that is actually dyed is lighter than the color of water, so the point is to make it a little darker.

When you get the color you like, take out the eggs with disposable chopsticks and put them on the cap of a PET bottle to dry them. what is the rarest date for easter?

When the dyed color dries, the decoration starts! Decorate to your liking with ribbons, beads, stickers, and more. It’s cute even if you make rabbit ears out of cardboard and stick them together.


It was an introduction to Easter. How was that? When is Easter 2021 one of the most important events in the Christian sphere? It is also a traditional event and can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

This year is April 4th, so I think many people wear it during their children’s spring break. It is also recommended to enjoy Easter, making cute Easter eggs, and eating dishes using eggs.