What is TSA PreCheck? Check if ticket has word TSAPRE!

What is TSA PreCheck? Check if your ticket has the word TSAPRE!

TSA Precheck is currently in operation at about 150 airports in the United States.Currently, 42 airlines are approved for the TSA Precheck program.
Security inspection is the most time-consuming and troublesome thing at the airport when going abroad.

Especially in recent years, terrorist attacks are occurring frequently all over the world, so the security of each airport is becoming stricter and security inspections are being conducted thoroughly. Take out the contents of the bag, line them up, take off your shoes, and check every corner of your body with a metal detector.

Although there is no choice but to keep it safe, when using it in transit, it may take time to transfer to the next flight.

So, this time, I would like to introduce a system that is not well known in Japan, but does not have to be in line with security inspections conducted in the United States. Maybe you don’t have to go to the security check too?

What is TSA precheck?

To briefly summarize the TSA precheck

  • OK without taking off your jacket or shoes
  • OK without taking the belt
  • You can leave liquids and computers in your bag.

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration of the US Department of Homeland Security.

Normally, when you try to board an airplane at an American airport, you need to line up at a security checkpoint, take out electronic devices from your bag, line up on a conveyor belt, take off your jacket and shoes, and have a physical examination. ..

During periods of strict security, it takes a long time to form a very long line because it is thoroughly inspected.

But with this TSA system, you don’t have to line up, take things out of your bag, or take off your jacket or shoes.

In the dedicated lane, just pass through the X-ray gate as it is. It’s okay to roll your suitcase and so on. If there are no problems, the security inspection is complete.

TSA Precheck is currently in operation at about 150 airports in the United States.

It’s very easy.

ANA’s participation in TSA precheck is approved

Currently, 42 airlines are approved for the TSA Precheck program.

Air Canada, Delta, Etihad, Cathay, Emirates, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, United, etc.

On October 26, 2017, All Nippon Airways (ANA) announced that it was the first Japanese airline to participate in the “TSA PreCheck (TSA Pre-Check Program)”.

Reference article: About the start of use of dedicated lanes for security inspections when departing from the United States (ANA)

So, can anyone who goes to the United States using ANA pass the security check with TSA precheck?

How to get TSA pre-check?

Qualified TSA PreCheck

  • ① TSA ✔ ® Qualified person (only US citizens and US permanent resident (green card) holders can apply)
  • (2) Among the qualified persons of the preliminary examination program operated by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the following customers
    -Global Entry program qualified persons-
    Canadian citizens, US citizens, and permanent residents of the United States who are qualified for the NEXUS program Rights
    Holders-US Citizens and Permanent Residents with SENTRI Program Qualifications
  • ③ Passengers under 12 years old accompanying passengers subject to TSA precheck
  • ④ US Department of Defense official

Quote: ANA

In addition to the above conditions, those who have applied for the TSA Pre-Check paid program ($ 85 for 5 years) in advance are eligible.

Few people meet this qualification … Does that mean most people can’t benefit from the TSA precheck?

After issuing the ticket, check if the word TSA Pre-check is included!

In fact, there are some Japanese nationals who do not meet the above conditions who are benefiting from the pre-check.

  • Those who have “TSA PRE” on their boarding pass at an American airport can pass a simple security check.
  • The Mystery of TSA Precheck at US Airport

As mentioned in the blog above, tickets may be engraved with the TSA PRE letter, even if you are not US citizen or have not applied for $ 85 pre-membership.

In fact, senior airline members may be automatically registered and selected as service users at check-in. If you are an advanced member, check your ticket.

Also, some people who do not currently have status have been selected for TSA precheck.


If you’re going to the United States, check your ticket for TSA precheck.

If so, you don’t have to wait in line at the security checkpoint. Head to the dedicated lane labeled PRE Check. If you don’t know, show the ticket to the staff and they will guide you.