What is the Planet Fitness? Location, Cost, and Franchise

What is the Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness private gym is growing rapidly, but there is also a fitness chain in the United States, which is an advanced fitness country.

That is “Planet Fitness”. Planet Fitness was a small gym that started in 1992 in New Hampshire. It now has 900 full-size branch offices nationwide (according to the official website of the gym chain) and is said to be the “fastest-growing gym.” It features 24-hour operation and a monthly membership fee of only $ 10 (members available at all stores are $ 19.99). There is no pool, studio, or sauna, but the gym facilities are as large as a full-size gym with cardio machines lined up. But that’s not the only feature of this gym …

Michael Grondahl purchased the Planet Fitness brand and expanded it to three clubs

Michael Grondahl purchased the Planet Fitness brand from Rick Berks in 2002. Rick Berks opened his Planet Fitness gym in Sunrise, Florida in 1993 and eventually expanded to three clubs. A former detective in the Broward Sheriff’s Office owns and runs the franchise for the Golden Gym. Burkes created a bodybuilding culture at Gold’s Gym. “When I founded my first planetary fitness club in Florida in 1993, I decided that I didn’t want to deal with this group of people.” The name came from her daughter’s homework “Fitness Planet.” The new model is an attempt to provide a fitness center for ordinary people. Burkes later opened the first UFIT fitness club in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Rondeau and Grondahls changing the posture and body shape of the gym

Rondeau and Grondahls realized that changing the posture and body shape of the gym, and creating a model that is not scary and inexpensive, will increase the chances of serving more people.  Planet Fitness has been called the “No Judgment Zone”, and it is aimed at ordinary users, not the type of a bodybuilder.​​​ They also slashed prices to compete with better-known brands. This low-cost business model focuses on the needs of temporary or novice fitness club members, rather than experienced members, [4] and relies on many members that do not appear frequently. According to a 2014 episode of Planet Money, “Half of Planet Fitness members never go to the gym.”

Rules and postulates of Planet Fitness

In fact, this Planet Fitness is now becoming a half-ridiculous subject in the United States. It is in the gym’s unique business philosophy. The concept of the gym is for complete beginners, “You don’t have to be nervous at the gym!” Therefore, there are various rules that seem to exclude excessively serious training enthusiasts.


For example, “no grunt rule”. When lifting weights in the gym, the harder they are, the more they growl. This is prohibited. “Because it overwhelms the people around me,” he said. It’s still good if only groaning is prohibited, but if this rule is violated, a siren will sound at a loud volume that sounds in the gym, and a blue rotating light will be turned on, even an “alarm device” called “LUNK ALARM” is installed. It is said that it is. It is said that a man who had a very strict standard and only exhaled a lot was withdrawn after the alarm device was activated.

This alarm device became so famous that on YouTube, a playful video of macho men who went to ring on purpose was uploaded, and a comedian came to interview in a TV program and said, “This alarm device is more intimidating … I even reported that I was amazed. Also, the “dress code” is strict. What kind of dress code is your body shape that so-called hardcore training enthusiasts may like, such as tank tops, navel clothes, bandanas, doulas (cloths that hip-hop musicians often wear on their heads), and skull-patterned caps. Clothes to show off are prohibited. In the past, fitness models who wore these clothes have been withdrawn.

Some services are unclear for a gym

Of course, this alone would be appreciated by some gym beginners, and wouldn’t be the subject of ridicule. It’s been ridiculed because this gym offers some unusual service. That is “free food service”. Speaking of gyms, there are many places where there are bars that offer supplements such as protein. But Planet Fitness is a bit different. If you want to join the Planet Fitness club then visit this site.  This gym serves “pizza”. As a service that all members can enjoy, there is a service called “Pizza Monday”. On this day, pizzas are piled up on the counter in the gym and anyone can eat them. By the way, Tuesday is Free Bagel Day.

In addition, Tootsie Roll (chocolate-flavored soft candy) is installed every day. There is even a permanent cup on the side of the machine to throw away the candy wrapping paper. Recently, more and more people are shooting such strange Planet Fitness services and uploading them to Instagram and YouTube.

This format will come to Japan soon !?

It’s an undeniable fact that while being ridiculed, it is growing rapidly at an exceptional price of $ 10. Originally, there are many ghost members who keep paying only the membership fee at fitness gyms, etc., and if there are few serious training enthusiasts, profits will be stable and facility maintenance will be low cost, so in a sense, it is a reasonable business model I can say. Japan is very popular for private diet gyms that cost hundreds of thousands of yen. The next business opportunity may be in a super-low-priced, super-beginner gym.

Planet Fitness launched franchise units

Planet Fitness launched a franchise unit in 2003. There are currently approximately 1,860 sales units. The estimated total investment cost of the Planet Fitness franchise ranges from US$1,000,000 to US$4,000,000, most of which depend on the franchisee’s decision to purchase or finance equipment and lease upgrades. The initial franchise fee is USD 20,000 and the regional development fee is USD 10,000. The rental upgrade cost is US$650,000 to US$1,600,000, the cost of fitness equipment is US$27,000 to US$878,000, and the cost of fitness equipment is US$32,000 to US$606,000. The marketing expenses for the grand opening range from US$20,000 to US$30,000, and the property rental deposit can reach US$87,000. Planet Fitness’s subscription fee is 7% of the total monthly and annual membership fees.

The net requirement for the Planet Fitness franchise is USD 3,000,000 and the liquidity requirement is USD 1,500,000. If you want to invest in the Planet Fitness franchise then Click here.