What is integrated marketing? Digital marketing strategy Steps

At the heart of integrated marketing, the concept is the customer, the target the company wants to address. In the field of digital marketing, it is essential to be able to uniquely identify the public of interest, to avoid hitting the mass indiscriminately and thus see one’s communication efforts nullified.

Therefore, communication is a key part of integrated marketing. In this case, it is essential to be able to use language. And then use the latter to understand and talk to the target. At the same time, combining multiple channels Makes the information coherent and magnified. So what is integrated marketing?

Integrated marketing, definition, and main aspects

In defining a  web marketing strategy, the integration between various channels and languages ​​is fundamental. In this sense,  integrated marketing means the set of all those processes that participate in the flow of corporate communication, at the center of which is the clear and unambiguous identification of the target. By addressing the target audience, digital marketing must also recognize the language in which users express themselves and adapt it to their communication.

Online channels in integrate marketing

In integrated marketing, we touche different online channels. So that, the message you want to spread is present in every touchpoint of the purchase funnel. We speak of integrated marketing not only in the context of web marketing but also integration between:

  • the media in general;
  • online and offline marketing;
  • online media.

Today it is possible to talk about a real communication ecosystem in the company. Digital marketing intelligence,  website, e-commerce development, email, and social media marketing, advertising, and digital PR represent the tools with which brands now work on a  plurality of processes and activities, with the aim of developing a strategy of marketing as integrated and complete as possible.

Digital marketing, how does integrated communication work?

Once the target of interest defines, you can start planning your integrated marketing strategy. The  main steps to follow are:

  • ensure that the various teams that make up the company operate in an integrated manner, based on a common purpose;
  • define  precise, clear, and stimulating objectives, both in the short, medium, and long term;
  • Identify the channels that the target audience prefers. Dividing them according to, “paid” (ie paid), “owned” (ie owned), and “earned” (ie earned) channels.
  • integrate the different channels with a coherent and univocal message. if possible, express using the language of the customers;
  • measure the right results on the basis of the objectives identified.

how is applying integrated marketing strategy

In this sense, it is important not to pay attention to the return on investment of a single channel. At least when defining an integrated marketing strategy. In fact, in this type of marketing, multiple channels use in parallel and therefore support each other. Thanks to correct and integrated management of the web marketing strategy it will be possible to converge and manage all the communication channels of the brand at the same time, analyze the customer journey, create synergy between all media by optimizing investments and ROI and, finally, reduce operating times, minimizing the number of operations required to achieve a certain goal.

A  functional and efficient integrated marketing strategy, therefore, allows you to reach the right customers at the various stages of the process that will lead them to conversion, using the best channels and languages ​​to capture their attention and purchase interests.