What is Brontosaurus? Origin and History

What is Brontosaurus?

Brontosaurus is a ( scientific name: Brontosaurus, pronounced / ˌ b r ɒ the n- t ə S ɔːr ə S /; in Ancient Greek in meaning “thunder lizard”, brontē / βροντη, Italy “Thunder”; sauros/σαυρος meaning “lizard”) is a genus of sauropod dinosaurs. Named in 1879 by Ossenel Chalis Marsh . Brontosaurus is one of the most famous dinosaurs in the world. It has a long and sturdy head and neck that can lift the head and neck to a certain extent, but its tail is as long as a whip. Lei Longsheng lives in the Jurassic, mainly fossil-origin for the United States, and Apatosaurus origin almost completely coincide.

This name had been abolished in 1974, and two years earlier by the name of Apatosaurus was replaced; for up to 40 years, Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus were the same species. Now, these two species have been separated again. According to a study published in the journal PeerJ, many new dinosaur fossils have been unearthed in the past 15 years. Scholars in Portugal and the United Kingdom have used statistical analysis to compare the numbers between brontosaurus and delusosaurus. After hundreds of skeletal characteristics, it was found that there are many major differences between the two, which are enough to make Thundersaurus a “genus” by itself. According to a report on the “Scientific American” website, the original research report was 300 pages long and lasted for 5 years. The authors visited numerous European and American museums and analyzed a total of 477 specimens of 81 sauropod dinosaurs. These different physiological characteristics lead to the conclusion that Brontosaurus has indeed existed.

History of Brontosaurus

In 1877, Yale University’s paleontology professor Othniel Charles Marsh (Othniel Charles Marsh) found an Ajax Apatosaurus fossil, the fossil is a partial skeleton of an early age; in Marsh two years after announcing in Wyoming Como Bluff found a larger, more complete fossil, because the size of the two fossils is not consistent, so Marsh will establish a new genus new specimens show Li Lei Long ( Brontosaurus Excelsus ). The species name excelsus means “exceed in number” in Latin, meaning that the number of sacral vertebrae exceeds that of other sauropod dinosaurs at that time.

The largest dinosaur fossil

The largest dinosaur fossil found at that time was quite complete, lacking only the head, feet, and part of the tail. It became the first sauropod fossil to be erected. It was exhibited at Yale University’s Pebadi Natural History in 1905. The museum. The missing tail part was completed with reference to the close relatives of Thunder Dragon. For the feet, the sauropod foot fossils found in the same quarry were added. Marsh and reference to another sauropod skull, skull model produced a plus too; he is not a reference fragile Diplodocus skull, but made a hard, thick, large skull, jaw and tooth crown is Fossils from three different quarries, mainly from Camarasaurus, because Camarasaurus was the only sauropod skull in good condition at the time, but the fragile skull of Diplodocus was the correct skull Type. This reconstruction method of incomplete fossils is based on more complete fossils of related species. But because Marsh died in 1899, six years before the model was completed, it is not clear whether Marsh participated in the reconstruction of the Thunder Dragon model or was completed by his Yale University colleagues.

In 1903, shortly after Brontosaurus began to be widely known to the public, Elmer S. Riggs published a study that believed that Brontosaurus and Brontosaurus were the same animals, so it was not enough to establish a separate genus. , And Confusion Dragon was named earlier and had priority, so he renamed Brontosaurus to Apatosaurus excelsus ( Apatosaurus excelsus ). Since then, Brontosaurus no longer exists in the dinosaur classification.

However, some paleontologists, particularly Robert Barker (Robert T. Bakker), Ajax Apatosaurus think there is enough difference between the beauty of Apatosaurus, sufficient to establish a separate genus. But most paleontologists do not accept this classification.

Now, European scientists say Riggs is wrong. After comparing hundreds of skeletal characteristics between Brontosaurus and Porrosaurus, it was found that there are many major differences between the two, proving that Brontosaurus has sufficient anatomical differences. Scientists even decided to make it a “genius” of its own.

Popular culture

Because the general public knows the Brontosaurus originally named by Marsh, rather than the Mysticosaurus, and the reputation of being one of the largest dinosaurs, Brontosaurus has long been one of the most widely known sauropods. The general public often uses Brontosaurus, Brontosaurs, and Brontosaurians to refer to any kind of sauropod dinosaur.

In 1989, the United States Postal Service issued a set of dinosaur stamps, including Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Pterodactylus (misspelled as Pteradon ), and Brontosaurus. The appearance of the toothless pterosaur and thunder dragon is wrong. The United States Postal Service declared that although the scientific community uses the name Confusion Dragon, the general public is familiar with Brontosaurus. Stephen Jay Gould (Stephen Jay Gould) in his book brontosaurus designed to support the US Postal Service’s argument.

In 1903, shortly after Brontosaurus began to be widely known to the public, Elmer Riggs believed that Brontosaurus and Brontosaurus were the same animals, and Brontosaurus was named earlier and had priority, so he renamed Brontosaurus. It is named Apatosaurus excelsus. Now, European scientists have compared hundreds of skeletal characteristics between Brontosaurus and Porphyrosaurus and found that there are many major differences between the two, and scientists have even decided to make it a “genius” of its own.


Since the invention of movies, Thunder Dragon has often appeared in movies. In 1925, special effects movie ” The Lost World ” ( at The Lost World ), the brontosaurus and an Allosaurus fighting erupted. In the 1933 special effects movie ” King Kong ” ( King Kong ), a thunder dragon waved its tail and killed several humans. In the 2005 version of ” King Kong in”, a group of fleeing Brontosaurus trampled to death by a lot of human beings; and the film’s brontosaurus with a square head, long tail, snake-like neck, unlike Apatosaurus, the tail should be relatively stiff, longer, the head should look like a horse head.

In the “Spring Festival” section of the 1940 animated film ” Fantasia ” (Fantasia), the Thunder Dragon appeared. 90’s animated series ” The Adventures of small dinosaur ” ( at The Land the Before Time ), there appears Brontosaurus.

In the 1938 movie ” Baby adventures ” ( Bringing Up Baby ), Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn first met in the scene, there was a brontosaurus collarbone.

In 1997, George Lucas launched the ” Star Wars Episode IV: New Hope ” (: Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope 20 years) re-release, the use of computer special effects plus a large forty-one long neck The foot animal, named Ronto (formerly known as Bronto). According to Lucas, this animal was drawn with reference to Brontosaurus.