Natural Antibiotic

Natural Antibiotic

Health is one of the most important factors in a happy life.So, we can use natural antibiotic against microorganisms. In this article we know about natural antibiotic. And now people are drinking handfuls of strong synthetic antibiotics in the hope of once again defeating the usual annoying cold …

Moreover, almost everyone knows that various harmful microorganisms have already easily adapted to almost all the most common antibiotic! That is, there is practically no benefit from taking them, but the harm can be very serious, since these drugs destroy the bacteria necessary for humans.

This is confirmed by serious research ( School of Medicine at the University of Virginia ), during which it was found that pre-synthetic antibiotics weaken neutrophilic leukocytes – these are immune cells that should protect the body from invasion of foreign harmful microorganisms. Weakened neutrophils do not cope with the task, and as a result, it becomes easier to penetrate the infection into the intestine. He learns that instead of treatment, a person receives an aggravation of the disease …

Fortunately, nature loves humanity and has very powerful tools in its arsenal that can easily replace artificial drugs. And scientists from the international group named the most powerful natural antibiotics of a wide spectrum, which successfully kill pathogens and do not harm humans, do not cause addiction and side effects (the exception is individual intolerance ). I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this list is based on the recommendation of experts , and is not taken from the ceiling!

Antibiotic Grapefruit

1. Top of the list is grapefruit seed extract . I will say that this was news to me personally, I had never heard of it before … Nevertheless, this remedy, according to assurances of health experts, is extremely effective in combating numerous and varied bacterial, viral and fungal diseases!

I read the annotations to the drug, reviews of people who used it and came to the conclusion that grapefruit seed extract is a truly unique natural replacement for synthetic antibiotics. And he has only two shortcomings: firstly, a bitter taste, but I think this can be tolerated; secondly, such a very rather big cost … from 1500 rubles for a bottle of 50ml. ( you still need to be able to find such an option, more often the price is from 2,000 rubles per 30 ml. ), even considering that it is used drip, many may not be able to afford such a remedy.

Antibiotic Silver

2. Colloidal silver , or rather its solution ( pure demineralized water with silver particles ) is able to cope with a huge number of harmful microorganisms: about 650 different bacteria, parasites and viruses cannot resist this natural antibiotic.

Such unique features of silver have been known for a very long time, and many people at home try to make “silver water” simply by putting some silver item ( most often a spoon ) into a container of water ( most often immediately in a three-liter jar ). However, the concentration of silver in water with this method will be extremely low, respectively, and you may not wait for the therapeutic effect …

ATTENTION! After the publication of this article, the news came out that silver can destroy DNA. In any case, researchers from the University of East Anglia suggest such an effect. I emphasize that the negative effect of silver for humans has not yet been finally proven, so I will not remove it from the list of natural antibiotics yet, but please take note of the information. It is better to obtain the final results still stop using silver for treatment.

Antibiotic Echinacea

3. Echinacea is just a whole pharmacy! A huge amount of useful substances contained in all parts of the plant have a complex therapeutic effect on a person, including immunomodulating, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, antispasmodic, hepatoprotective. A truly unique natural healer!

It was news to me that echinacea is part of the official drugs for the treatment of AIDS …

Antibiotic Propolis

4. Propolis, although well known for its beneficial properties since the time of Ancient Egypt ( or even earlier ), is somehow not very actively used in our time. But he very successfully fights against harmful microorganisms, not only suppresses the activity of bacteria and viruses, but destroys them. Propolis destroys the toxins released by infected decaying cells, significantly accelerates regeneration. In addition to disinfecting, antibacterial, antioxidant and antitoxic properties, propolis also has a powerful immunomodulatory effect on the body.

Antibiotic Garlic

5. Garlic as a natural antibiotic does not need additional advertising. Garlic phytoncides effectively kill many pathogenic bacteria, which still cannot develop immunity against it. But the indisputable benefits of this wonderful plant are covered by its very persistent pungent odor, which few people will “appreciate” in society …

Capsules with garlic oil can come to the rescue, which are swallowed without chewing, thus the smell of garlic does not come from the mouth (here I must say, which I know from personal experience, nevertheless, when using capsules, weak “garlic notes” are present in the breath …).

As a pleasant “bonus” I will say that in addition to successfully combating harmful microorganisms, garlic has a number of scientifically proven invaluable useful properties ( in addition to its ability to protect and strengthen immunity directly related to the topic of the article ): it improves blood circulation in the brain, strengthens memory, reduces the level of blood sugar, helps to cope with insomnia, accelerates wound healing, prevents stroke and heart attack, slows down the development of cancer processes.

Antibiotic Ascorbic acid or vitamin C

6. Ascorbic acid is successfully used not only for the common cold, recent studies show that vitamin C copes well with many viral and bactericidal diseases. But here it is necessary to make some reservation, because the article is called “Natural antibiotics”, and although ascorbic acid fully corresponds to this parameter, in dosage forms it is still made artificially and here you need to be careful, since vitamin C synthetically obtained at a pharmaceutical plant is significantly inferior to natural option. The way out is to try to eat food rich in ascorbic acid ( rose hips, currants, sea buckthorn, fresh herbs ).

Antibiotic oregano

7. The oil of such a simple plant as oregano is also a powerful natural antibiotic. This herb is widespread both in the wild and as a cultivated plant, and in medicine its second name, ” oregano “, is often used .

And yes, the Oregano condiment, which you can buy at almost any grocery store, is exactly the plant, so when you use it in cooking, you not only “taste” food, but also get the right natural treatment.

Antibiotic olive

8. Extract of olive leaves is to some extent exotic, but extremely effective ( according to doctors ) in the fight against various infections. Not to be confused with olive oil, they are not the same!

Antibiotic Astragalus

9. Astragalus , like the previous item in the list, is rarely used in our country, just few people know about its medicinal properties ( anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant ). And they are well manifested not only in the fight against the common cold, but also in more complex diseases. In pharmacies, you can find the herb and root of Astragalus woolly and membranous.

Natural Antibiotic

In addition to this list of the most effective natural antibiotics , recommended by a whole international scientific group, there are more extensive recommendations from other institutions and single specialists. We will briefly list what else can be classified as natural antibiotics :

Turmeric is a Natural Antibiotic

Turmeric – it is very strange that it was not included in the above list, since recently there has been just a huge amount of research confirming the benefits of this plant. According to preliminary estimates, turmeric has 150 medicinal properties, among which there is the ability of interest to us to successfully fight harmful microorganisms. And the scientific world quite seriously says that the well-known bright yellow spice can easily replace classical synthetic antibiotics! Still, it is not in vain in the East ( India, China ) for a couple of thousand years it has been successfully used not only as a food supplement, but also as a medicine for many ailments.


Mumiyo is a Natural Antibiotic

Mumiyo ( mountain resin, mountain oil, or mountain balsam ) is certainly a very powerful substance. Scientists have not really figured out the mechanism of its formation, but everyone agrees that mumiyo can compete in effectiveness with many synthetic antibiotics. Unfortunately, the taste and smell of this natural medicine can easily become a reason not to use it …

Honey acts as a Natural Antibiotic

Honey – it is logical to add it to the appendage to propolis, because the medicinal properties of beekeeping products have been repeatedly confirmed by the centuries-old life experience of people, and by scientific research. By the way, there is an opinion (a research institute that develops food for astronauts! ) That honey collected in regions with a harsh climate ( we have Siberia and the Far East ) is much better in composition than any other. The bees have to wait out a longer hibernation, during which they do not sleep, therefore, they prepare in advance much more processed and high-quality honey.


Herbal products work as Natural Antibiotic

Herbal products that work as antibiotics, which can and should be eaten every day, of course, are not limited to just the above garlic. We expand the list and add to it: onions, ginger, horseradish, white cabbage, radish, basil, mustard, blueberries, lingonberries, black currants, cranberries . Perhaps they are a little less effective, more precisely, they have not such a wide spectrum of action as the main list in the article, but with such a daily variety, their combined antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral effects will be very strong.

Many  plants act as Natural Antibiotic

Other plants that you are unlikely to use daily, but during the period of various colds, they can be safely added both for prevention and for treatment: yarrow, eleutherococcus, wild rosemary, plantain, tansy, meadowsweet, calendula, sea buckthorn, viburnum ( berries and bark ).
A number of essential oils ( in addition to the aforementioned oregano, extract of grapefruit seeds and olive leaves ) are very effective antibiotic properties, the most versatile are: tea tree, eucalyptus, sage, rosemary, calendula .

Maintenance of Natural Antibiotic

Despite the powerful healing capabilities of natural antibiotics, an important factor in their successful use is prevention with their use, and if symptoms of the disease appear, they should be taken as early as possible. Well, do not neglect the advice of specialists, otherwise self-medication can easily aggravate health problems. By the way, self-medication and abuse of “chemical” drugs is far from the only mistake in the fight against colds .

Personally, I successfully overcame the angina that bothered me for many years in a row ( its nasopharyngeal version ) only when I gave up synthetic antibiotics ( they only helped for a while ) and switched to natural medicines ( one of them is on this list ), probably I will even write about it in more detail in a separate article ( but not soon … as soon as I cope with laziness … ).

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