Mission Impossible 8 new movie of Tom Cruise

The first movie of the series Mission :Impossible was released in the mid of 1996. Tom Cruise played the main character as Ethan Hunt. Brian De Palma appeared as a successful and inaugural director of the series.  Now the eighth part of the series is about to be released in June 2024. In the mission : impossible 8, the main character is played by Tom Cruise as usual. The director of the 8th instalment is Christopher McQuarrie. 

In 2019 the co-producer of the movie Tom Cruise announced the 7th and 8th part of the series mission impossible. Both parts were shot consecutively. This movie is the continuation of the last part of the series Mission : Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (2023). So the upcoming new Movie of Tom Cruise is Mission : Impossible 8 – Dead Reckoning Part two is a high action thriller. Filming locations include the UK, Malta, South Africa and Norway. The movie is full of dangerous stunts performed by Tom Cruise. The movie is full of adventure and the fans are desperately waiting for this part.


Tom Cruise : He is performing the role of an IMF agent and the head of the team as Ethan Hunt.

Hayley Atwell : She is performing the character of an IMF agent as Grace. She was a thief and then became a part of Ehan’s team.

Vanessa Kirby : she is an arms dealer in black market and in the movie she is named as  Alanna Mitsopolis. Mitsopolis is the daughter of former arms dealer Mas from mission : impossible. She is also known as White Widow.

Ving Rahmes : He is a computer technician of IMF known as Luther Stickell. He is a member of Ethan’s team and his close friend.

Henry Czerny : In Dead Reckoning Part 1, he became a new director of the CIA as Eugene Kittridge. Before, he was a former director of the IMF.

Pom Klementieff : A killer who turned into an IMF agent as Paris. She was betrayed by Gabriel.

Esai Morales : He is a dangerous terrorist. He is performing his character as Gabriel.

Greg Tarzan Davis : He is an intelligence agent of the US, in the movie he is named as Degas. He is allocated to track Ethan.

Shea whigham : He is an intelligence agent of the US and partner of Degas , in the movie he is named Jasper Briggs. He is allocated to track Ethan.


The budget for Mission : Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part two will be nearly $300 million

Release date

The film will be released on June 28, 2024 in the cinemas of the US. There are very few chances in the delay of this part like part 1.

 Future of Mission : Impossible

In an interview, the director of the seventh and eighth installment Christopher McQuarrie said that these two parts are not the end of the series. They are collecting ideas for the future parts. The producer and the main character of the mission impossible Tom Cruise also showed his interest to continue the series in future.