Marketing project management software 6 Reasons

Marketing project management software

Marketing departments face many challenges when it comes to getting the job done quickly and efficiently. And unfortunately, these are so common that they feel like “marketing games.” However, with the idea that “this is the reality”, we can never run an integrated campaign that will have the success that affects our customers and their ultimate outcomes and bottom line.

That’s why the right marketing project management software comes into play. This will allow the entire marketing department to come together to build and run omnichannel campaigns quickly and on a large scale.

What is marketing project management?

Think about all the elements that need to be integrated to create a cohesive marketing campaign. First, you must determine your mission, goals, approved messaging framework, and strategic approach. You also need to create the core content pieces of your message, as well as social media posts, visual and creative assets, and even press releases, all of which effectively deliver your campaign across multiple channels. Used to advertise.

More than that, your team needs to manage each task and connect everything to the campaign. There are many moving parts to manage, and without the ability to see how each of these parts relates to a comprehensive plan, things are likely to be lost in the turmoil.

That’s where marketing project management comes in handy. The process of traveling through all the talent, tools, and activities needed to deliver and deliver a cohesive marketing campaign. For easy and effective management, you need a software solution that will be a micro-manager behind the scenes of your marketing efforts. This distinguishes between a marketing engine that works efficiently and smoothly and a complete mess.

Why use marketing project management software?

Your marketing team has a lot of different personalities, roles, and skillsets. Creative team members can grow with a more flexible approach and oppose structures and well-defined processes. The marketing analytics team is delighted with the logical results and the tough numbers. Marketing project management software should help these cross-functional teams work together towards the same goal: creating great content and running effective campaigns.

Learn six reasons why you need marketing project management software and how it can change the way you work.

1. Adjustment

Without a clear way to track and manage timelines, deadlines, and next steps, campaign coordination may feel out of control. A good marketing project management solution needs to provide a complete picture of all your tasks and deliverables, so you can see exactly when and where things aren’t on track.

Request a demo to see how NewsCred’s content marketing platform gives your team a complete picture of every step in your campaign.

2. Collaboration

You can’t build an integrated marketing campaign that leads to success without seamless communication and collaboration. However, exchanging comments via email makes it easy to overlook important feedback. Good marketing project management software enables collaboration, builds flexible workflows for managing task approvals, provides teams with the ability to provide and track feedback in the same place, and edit and comment. Don’t miss it.

3. Transparency

Marketing project management software allows your department to monitor team processes, assess campaign progress, and identify potential bottlenecks. The result is the transparency you need to make effective, informed decisions that minimize waste, improve operational efficiency, and maximize campaign performance.

4. Marketing resource management

A great marketing project management tool includes Digital Asset Manager to help you manage all your marketing resources. The ability to store relevant brands, content and visual assets allows teams to leverage existing content, reduce duplicate work, and save both time and money for marketing teams.

5. Organization

There are many moving parts to a marketing campaign. They are basically like uselessly long “to-do lists”. Marketing project management software allows you to track every task and deliverable in one place, keeping you organized, efficient, and productive.

6. Productivity

Most marketing teams spend their time and energy coordinating tasks and responding to non-productive activities. Good marketing project management software provides calendars, alerts, and a clear list of what you need next. So everyone on your team can focus on what’s most important. If the tool provides operational efficiency analysis like NewsCred’s CMP, it’s a bonus point.

Types of marketing project management software

Social media management software

Social media management platforms such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social help you schedule posts, measure content engagement, and understand the performance of your social campaigns. However, if you are a savvy content marketer who creates large amounts of content for different channels and runs integrated campaigns, you realize that social management software only solves part of the content creation and delivery process. prize.

Workflow and project management software

Workflow and project management software solutions (Basecamp, Smartsheet, Trello, etc.). Enable the team to plan projects, track tasks, schedule deliveries, and allocate resources. Although these features are very important to your marketing efforts. They do not provide marketing-centric functions. These marketing teams need to create effective integrated marketing campaigns for idea generation, digital asset management, or analysis.

CMP: Content Marketing Platform

The Content Marketing Platform (CMP) is a software solution that enables marketers to drive awareness, leads, and revenue through content. Some CMPs also have project management features that help marketers manage content production and campaigns. NewsCred is an example of an end-to-end marketing project management solution that provides data-driven idea generation. Analytics and marketing resource management capabilities for marketers to create.  We support you so that you can do it all in one place.