Maintenance of roses by different methods

The maintenance of roses is essential in order to guarantee harmonious development and beautiful flowering. Truffaut accompanies you through this advice guide and informs you about the steps to take to properly maintain your rosebush: prune, hoe, water, and add fertilizer during the year.

Daily maintenance of the rose bush

Maintenance of roses by different methods
Daily maintenance of rose bushes
  • The maintenance of a rose bush involves 4 actions performed:
    Watering: In the evening, take care not to water the leaves and flowers. Potted roses will need a little more water, especially in summer, than those planted in the ground.
  • The supply of fertilizer: the rosebush is greedy to flower, it needs food. Regularly, you can bring him fertilizer.
  • Cleaning and pruning the rosebushes: cut off the faded flowers as you go for remontant roses and for non-remontant roses remove them just after flowering.
  • The care of roses: as soon as spots, damaged leaves, or aphids appear, take care to provide the necessary care.

Maintenance of roses in the fall

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Should roses be pruned in the fall? Yes, whether they are remontant or not, we carry out a cleaning pruning on the roses to enable them to spend the winter in better health and to ensure better development in the spring. Remove broken or dead branches, faded flowers, and damaged leaves. Save the fruits of the rosebush for their decorative aspect and useful for feeding birds.

Maintenance of flowering roses

  • Watering the rosebush: if you have just planted the rosebushes, water regularly, especially in summer during periods of high heat. Mulch the foot to prevent weeds and water evaporation.
  • Enrich the substrate regularly and remove suckers.
  • Climbing roses: trellis the stems as they grow.
  • Diseases and pests of the rose bush: remove the foliage affected by diseases such as rust or black spots and do not put them in your compost. Stay alert to aphid attacks.
  • Wilted flowers: remove them to promote new blooms.