Less greasy replacement for crème Fraiche

Crème Fraiche – fresh cream – tastes delicious in cold and warm dishes. But unfortunately, foods that are tasty are not always good for your health. Especially if you use them often.

If you are looking for a replacement for creme Fraiche, there are several alternatives.

With these tips for replacing the cream-type crème Fraiche, you can put tasty dishes on the table.

Slightly healthier, but often just as tasty. That’s going to be fun!

The best creme fraiche substitutes

It is wise to find a replacement for crème Fraiche. Crème fraiche contains 30% or more fat.

The fatter a cream is, the creamier the taste.

Sour cream – sour cream – contains only 10% fat and is, therefore, a lighter variant and a good replacement for crème Fraiche. Sour cream is especially suitable in cold dishes.

You can also use cooking cream as a substitute for crème Fraiche. The name says it all, this cream variant is suitable for cooking and ideal for warm soups and sauces.

Cooking cream contains at least 10% fat. You will find the exact percentage on the packaging, for example, 20% fat.

There are several other products that you can use instead of crème Fraiche.

For example, Greek or Turkish yogurt, soy cream, and cottage cheese. Below you will find information about how you can use it per product.

1. Sour cream: a popular crème Fraiche substitute

Sour cream has a thick structure and the taste is somewhat. This is due to the lactic acid bacteria in the cream.

There are people who use sour cream in both cold and hot dishes as a substitute for crème Fraiche.

Others prefer not to. Sour cream will curdle faster if you use it in hot dishes.

You can prevent curdling by mixing the sour cream with two tablespoons of warm liquid.

Then you can add the mixture to your sauce or hot dish. You can use sour cream as a substitute in cold dishes without any problems.

Think, for example, of a dipping sauce, a pasta salad, or a wrap with vegetables and sour cream.

2. Chochrome

Looking for a crème Fraiche replacement that is both less fat and cannot curdle?

Then cooking cream is the ideal replacement. This variant can also be found in the store under the names ‘cook’s cream’ and ‘culinary cream’ and contains a binding agent.

This makes this cream product very suitable for use in hot dishes.

3. Semi-skimmed crème fraiche: less fat substitute

Crème frache often contains 35 grams of fat per 100 grams. However, there is also a semi-skimmed variant of crème Fraiche, namely half-skimmed crème fraiche.

This light version is also called demi crème Fraiche. This product contains 15 grams of fat per 100 grams and is, therefore, a less fat alternative.

At the end of the cooking time, stir the demi crème Fraiche through your dish and briefly heat the semi-skimmed product.

This way you can prepare creamy dishes that everyone is happy with!

4. For vegans: soy cream as a substitute in hot and cold dishes

Are you vegan or do you have a cow’s milk allergy? Plant-based substitutes, such as soy cream and coconut cream, are a good option.

These products do not contain cow’s milk and are therefore not r cream.

Soy cream has a low-fat percentage (about 20%) and can be added to soup, sauce, or dessert as a substitute for crème Fraiche.

A light soy cream is also available, which contains even less fat.

Coconut cream is also vegetable, but fat. This coconut cream goes well with Asian or spicy dishes.

5. Full-fat yogurt in cold and warm preparations

Do you have a hot or cold dish to which you should add crème Fraiche or sour cream?

You can also use full-fat yogurt to replace these types of cream.

However, yogurt that cooks with a hot dish can curdle. You can prevent this by first stirring a little cornflour through the yogurt before adding it to the dish.

With Greek yogurt, milk, and garlic puree you can make a less greasy sauce.

Do this over pre-cooked potato slices to make an oven potato gratin.

Full-fat Greek or Turkish yogurt also tastes great in cold dishes as a substitute for crème Fraiche.

Greek and Turkish yogurt comes in two versions. You can choose from a 3% fat and a 10% fat version. For hot dishes, it is best to use the 10% fat variant.

6. Cottage cheese for your salad, sandwich, or stew

Protein-rich cottage cheese contains only 3.9% fat. This cheese has a fresh, neutral taste, is reminiscent of cottage cheese, and is a bit grainy.

Hüttenkäse tastes good in meal salads with lots of vegetables or fruit. Also on a healthy sandwich or in a wrap, this product gives a creamy accent without using too much fat.

Cottage cheese is also ideal for making a stew or quiche creamy.

Fat substitutes for crème fraiche

Of course, there are also alternatives to crème Fraiche that do have a high-fat percentage.

You should of course avoid these products if you want to lose weight. For example, think of whipped cream and cream cheese, products with a fat percentage of at least 35%.

Would you like to make a full crème Fraiche yourself? You do this by mixing half a liter of fresh whipped cream with two tablespoons of buttermilk or full-fat yogurt.

Let this mixture stand at room temperature for 24 hours.

A handy replacement if you want to use crème Fraiche, but have simply forgotten to get it at home.

This homemade crème Fraiche can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Less fat substitutes for crème fraiche

There are therefore quite a few substitutes for crème Fraiche with a lower fat percentage.

These slim variants are ideal if you want to lose weight or use less fat for health reasons. Here they are in a row:

  1. Sour cream, semi-skimmed crème Fraiche, full-fat yogurt, and cottage cheese (as a substitute in cold dishes)
  2. Semi-skimmed crème Fraiche, cooking cream, full-fat yogurt, and cottage cheese (in warm dishes)
  3. Soy cream (in cold and hot dishes, for vegans)

So you see, there are countless less fat and light variants for crème Fraiche.

By making conscious choices, you can always enjoy a creamy meal that is less fat. That tastes like more!