Google, I’m feeling curious: tell me something instructive

Google launches a new service(i m feeling curious) that arouses curiosity but can also be very useful for informing. That is, the service ‘i’m feeling curious’ or even ‘curiosity’ i m feeling curious.
Google has implemented a new function on its search engine; just type I’m feeling curious to discover anecdotes and curiosities of the world.

Remember the I’m Feeling Lucky feature on Google? We asked the search engine something; checked the I feel lucky or i m feeling curious options. Then Big G gave us a random answer that should have satisfied our desires for knowledge. The writer has never particularly loved that function. He often stumbled, in fact, into unsatisfactory results and was not worthy of our attention.

Google has implemented a new function i m feeling curious

Well, after the renewed look; Google has implemented a new function that the one I feel lucky remembers: I feel curious or i’m feeling curious. Just type in the search engine box: “ I’m feeling curious”. To discover an anecdote, an answer to a question, a curiosity that will increase our level of education. It is no coincidence that we wrote “I’m feeling curious”; because for the moment, the function is only active on the US version of Google. The function is also valid if you type Fun Facts or i m feeling curious: if you are an anecdote hunter.

you could start to use it compulsively. so much so that someone pointed out that Google; in truth, wants us to stop working. The function promises to be very interesting; waiting for it to be valid also in our country: by typing that simple string of letters. For example; you will be able to know why our stomach rumbles when we are hungry; who invented modern cigarettes. The reason why margarine is healthier than butter and many other anecdotes will tease and increase our curiosity.

A curious or i’m feeling curious fact is exhaust

As for an excess of cruelty and sadism; however, once our thirst for knowledge about a curious fact is exhausted. We will have the opportunity to click on the fateful blue button; an addiction button that invites you to ask another question yourself. By clicking and re-clicking, the search engine will give us other answers to questions we may never have thought of but which perhaps rested in a remote corner of our unconscious waiting to be expressed. Be careful, however, because some of the answers that Google provides, taken from the Knowledge Graph dictionary, are not always reliable, on the contrary: so pay attention when you say something with conviction just because Google said so.

I’m feeling curious or i m feeling curious

Google has also thought of combining randomness with a way to inform cybernetics. A sort of fun game that however provides useful historical, scientific, etc. information. Just type words such as ‘I’m feeling curious, ‘curiosity’, or ‘curious fact’  i m feeling curious in the search bar and some random news item will appear as a result of the search.

If then the news appeared does not satisfy us or yes but we want to look for others, there is no need to type again ‘I feel curious’ or i’m feeling curious. But, under the text of our search result, there is also a blue button that says ‘Ask another question. And here is another curiosity we are promptly satisfied with.

Service I’m feeling curious

For now, the ‘service I feel curious ‘ of Google appears to be only with the English words: “fun facts”, curiosity, or “I’m feeling curious.” While in other languages ​​it gives life to the normal standard search. Even if you search in French “je suis curieux”, the second most spoken language in the world after the British one. In Swedish, on the other hand, “jag är Nyfiken”, results in only a yellow film …

The results of this new ‘ I’m feeling curious ‘ service are an extract from the Knowledge Graph dictionary. And indeed this raises some doubts about the veracity of the answers. But it seems that 88.2% of them can be trusted. Not a little, however. After all, we always talk about Big G.