Gina Carano is an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter, a star of the films “Blood Revenge”, “Knockout” and “Deadpool”, and a participant in the show “American Gladiators”.

Gina Joy Carano is an American actress in action films. Prior to her film career, she achieved great success as a mixed martial arts fighter, better known as ultimate fighting. Fans have awarded Carano the unofficial title of Queen of the MMA Ring, which she refuses to acknowledge as herself.


Gina Carano is the middle child of American football player Glenn Carano and housewife Dana Cason. The girl also has two sisters. Gina Carano was born in Texas but soon found herself in Los Angeles, where her mother moved with her daughters after her divorce from her husband.

Gina Carano grew up a real daredevil, drove with the boys in the yard, and was engaged in horse riding, from childhood she could stand up for herself and for her sisters. At school, she played football, and volleyball, and even became a state champion as part of a youth basketball team.

After graduating from Trinity Christian High School, she entered the psychology department at the University of Nevada, but after the fourth year, she was forced to drop out due to serious financial problems in the family.


It’s hard to believe, but in her youth, Gina Carano was a fat woman and was terribly complex about her appearance. Her boyfriend Kevin Ross, a professional Thai boxer, advised her to go into martial arts and took the girl to the Muay Thai section. Gina Carano immediately liked this sport, in which she could not depend on the team and relied only on herself. She quickly got involved in the training regime and after a few months, she loudly declared herself at the tournament in San Francisco.

For three years, Gina fought fourteen professional fights, twelve of which ended in her favor. Soon, MMA agents drew attention to the gifted athlete and invited her to fight Leticia Pestova. This fight ended with a clear victory for Gina Carano, who knocked out the formidable opponent in the first forty seconds.

This was followed by successful fights with Rosie Sexton, Elena Maxwell, Kaitlin Young, and other famous athletes, victories over whom Carano became famous throughout the world. The girl got the nickname “The Verdict”, and her original fighting style combined with natural beauty forever won the hearts of Thai boxing fans.

In the summer of 2009, Gina Carano had a fight with Brazilian Cristina Santos, which became the final point in Gina’s sports career. She received a technical knockout and for the first time in her entire stay in MMA lost to an opponent. For that fight, Gina Carano received one hundred thousand dollars (a record fee for that time) and decided to leave professional sports and focus on her film career – by that time she already had experience in filming the American Gladiators show.


Gina Carano’s television career began in 2006, when she took part in the filming of the cult documentary “Girls of the Ring”, which, based on real events, told about the development of women’s Thai boxing in America.

Then she, along with fellow fighter Lisa King, coached unknown participants for the reality show “Fighting Girls”, and also starred in 2 seasons of the popular show “American Gladiators”, in which she acted as the Destroyer. In addition to Gina Carano, athletes Hulk Hogan, Leila Ali, Alex Castro, and Al Caplan participated in the filming.

In 2011, in the documentary “I Am Bruce Lee”, dedicated to the legendary fighter, Gina Carano shared her memories of what this man meant to her, and how his professionalism influenced her own career.

Gina Carano was also invited by the producers of the computer game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 to create the image of one of the fighters – Natasha Volkova, Hero of the Soviet Union, a spectacular Soviet special forces and sniper.


The athlete’s cinematic biography began in 2009 with participation in a feature film about street fighters “Blood and Bone”. The character Verette Vendetta turned out to be one of those fighters who win in his duel. The film also stars Michael J. White, Eamonn Walker, and Shannon Kane.

Gina Carano participate in the thriller “Knockout”

The next time Gina Carano was invited to the set after 3 years to participate in the thriller “Knockout”. Moreover, the role of Mallory Kane was offered to the girl by the famous director Stephen Soderbergh, who saw only Gina Carano as the main character.

On the set, the athlete reincarnated as a former special forces soldier and at the same time a charming brunette who works as a contract killer in the US secret intelligence service. Once, having failed the task, Kane realizes that now she has become a victim, which has opened a hunt. The main characters in the film were also played by Michael Fassbender and Ewan McGregor. Father Kane was played by Bill Paxton.

In the story, the athlete had to kiss her partner in the frame, Channing Tatum. As the performer later recalled, this moment became the most exciting for her, because her lover was played by an actor with a multimillion army of fans. Interestingly, when watching the film with their daughter, Gina Carano’s parents prudently covered their eyes with their hands during this scene so as not to embarrass Gina Carano.

The picture was filmed for over a year, and it was hired in 2011. The aspiring actress was praised by film critics, as a result of which Gina Carano was nominated for the Critics Choice Awards, but lost to Jennifer Lawrence.

“Fast and the Furious”

In 2013, Gina Carano’s filmography was supplemented by work in the 6th film of the American crime fighter “Fast and the Furious”, which grossed $ 800 million at the box office. The film once again brought together a stellar cast, which included Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Gina Carano played the character of Riley Hicks.

Most often, directors use the actress in such roles where you need to show her fighting skills. But John Stockwell; directed the action movie Blood Revenge in 2014. Insisted that he needed Gina Carano.  But also a deep psychological understanding of the heroine taking revenge for her husband’s abduction; as well as the realism of the dramatic situation. At the end of the filming, he confirmed that the actress did an excellent job with the task.

A year later, the celebrity appeared in the cast of the thriller Speed. Bus 657 ”about the seizure of a regular bus by casino robbers. Gina Carano was fortunate enough to work on the same set with Hollywood stars Robert De Niro and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

In 2016, one of the most anticipated films of the year, Deadpool, in which Gina Carano took part, was released worldwide. In September 2016, the world premiere of the sports show “Kickboxer. Retribution “, in which the main characters were played by Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dave Batista, and Gina.


After breaking up with Kevin Ross, who became her guide in the world of martial arts, Gina Carano began dating another martial arts master, Keith Cope. This romance ended even faster than the previous one, moreover, the former lover blackmailed the girl for a long time, threatening to publish videos of a spicy nature.

Gina Carano with Henry Cavill

After this unpleasant incident; Gina Carano took a break in relations with men, which was interrupted by a meeting with actor Henry Cavill in 2012. But this romantic story did not last long and did not bring the athlete long-awaited personal happiness.

Gina believed that she chose men weaker than herself, and this is precisely the main reason for her love failures. This may have been the reason she returned to her ex-boyfriend Kevin Ross in 2017.


Gina Carano was cast in absentia for the role of the Kara Dune rebel in the Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian. Director Jon Favreau saw only an MMA star in this role, and his expectations were met. Moreover, after the success of the series, Disney decided to shoot a spin-off, the central character of which will be the heroine of Gina Carano.

However, a separate series about Kara Dune may not see the light of day due to its principled position Carano. She refused to support the anti-racist movement Black Lives Matter and also ridiculed the manner in which LGBT activists indicated pronouns on social networks for addressing: “he/she/it”, etc. Gina Carano wrote in her profile “boop/bop/beep” (imitation of the sounds of droids from “Star Wars”), for which trans-activists took up arms against the actress. The icing on the cake was criticism of the presidential election: Carano doubted that Joe Biden won the election honestly:

The electoral process needs purification. We need to enact laws to protect against electoral fraud. Analyze the situation in each state. Get rid of fake voices. Correct the system.

After that, a campaign with the hashtag #FireGinaCarano was launched on Twitter (fire Gina Carano). The media reported that Disney pressured the actress to apologize, but Carano stood her ground. However, in the third season of The Mandalorian, Jinoo’s heroine will not disappear anywhere.


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