Field Service Management Software Benefits

The management of field services is one of the most challenging tasks for most managers. Field managers find it difficult to maximize workforce productivity with paper-based FSM. Field service software is essential for any business that offers field services to manage its workforce, equipment, and other resources in the field.

A field service manager schedules work, tracks labor hours, dispatches tasks to field technicians, and, most importantly, bills customers for completed projects. The management team of a company that uses Azuga’s field service management software can simplify all of these activities.

  1. Increased Productivity

When analyzing business goals, most managers want to take into consideration work productivity. It may not be enough to provide field service technicians with smartphones and train them in the right skills to improve their productivity. With dedicated FSM software, you can still help them save time while out on the field.

A recent study conducted by Forrester Research found that six out of ten employees in an organization own smartphones. Only one of them, however, uses a customized application that enhances productivity at work.

With field service management software, you can track field technicians out in the field in real-time through a simple dashboard. A majority of FSM software’s geolocation and GPS tracking features make it possible to collect customer data on time and eliminate the need to send technicians to business premises to collect documents. Field technicians can improve their productivity and save a great deal of time when working on projects with strict deadlines.

2. Streamlined Information Flow

FSM software can streamline the flow of information from customers to technicians for more efficient management. Field service companies are always looking for ways to improve customer service to maximize their bottom line. Furthermore, every company employing field technicians must have FSM software in order to streamline information sharing between departments.

The data from a contact center can be shared with field technicians, for example, to convert a phone call into a service request. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets enable workers in the field to receive notifications immediately. In the future, they can make the right consultations and execute tasks as directed by the management team.

3. Reduced production costs

Businesses aim at realizing ROI or achieving a certain bottom line as their primary objective. In order to increase profits, a business must reduce production costs while ensuring maximum labor productivity. Using cloud-based field service management software can save a company a lot of money.

A field services management software can easily predict the right products to dispatch in the field, the best route to use when traveling to customers, and the right team to assign a task to based on their expertise. As a result, a business reduces production costs while ensuring its customers get the best results on every project.

Your business doesn’t have to sacrifice project quality to enhance customer experience with the latest field service management software from Azuga. Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are incorporated into the cloud-based FSM software to improve service delivery. Boost your business’s productivity and enhance customer experience with this software.