Eat and lose weight

Eat and lose weight

Many people ( both women and men ) dream of combining their two desires – “tasty food” and “lose weight or lose those extra pounds.” It would seem that these opposites absolutely exclude the possibility of coexistence, and put forward an ultimatum: “Either eat or lose weight!” … However, this is not at all the case! You will probably be surprised, but it is not at all necessary to drive yourself into the framework of strict diets ( especially since many make a lot of mistakes during diets ). There is a sufficient number of products that will help you cope with unnecessary fat reserves, there are 18 of them in our list, this, of course, is not an exhaustive list, but only a description of the most effective “overweight fighters”. You will make sure that this is not some exotic, but affordable food that you can easily buy at the nearest grocery store.

First, let’s figure out how this can be – to eat and lose weight?

Let’s be clear right away that there is no food that literally burns fat! That’s just not and that’s it! If you put any of the most advertised “fat burning” products in a container with fat, then absolutely nothing will happen, there will be no magic transformation of fat into water, and you will not see how it burns or evaporates. And if after such a “sensational disclosure” you are still interested in losing weight with food, then let’s figure out a little how this is still possible.

Fighting excess weight due to food can be quite successful due to the following factors to lose weight:

“Negative” calorie to lose weight

“Negative” calorie content is when your body spends more energy on processing the food eaten than it receives from it.

Slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and a low glycemic index for lose weight

Slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and a low glycemic index. If the product has a high glycemic index, then it will quickly saturate the blood with glucose ( raise the sugar level ), this is extremely bad if you do not plan to spend this energy in the near future ( instead of jogging, they arranged sofa beds ), since its excess is deposited in the form of fat. Therefore, in your diet, give preference to foods with a low glycemic index, then you will not get an excess of carbohydrates, and in case of physical exertion, your body will have to spend its own fat reserves.

General improvement and acceleration of metabolism to lose weight

General improvement and acceleration of metabolism ( metabolism ) in general and lipolysis ( breakdown of fats ) in particular . A number of substances contained in products contribute to accelerated lipolysis, so more attention should be paid to such foods, where there are a lot of these substances. For example, fiber perfectly cleanses the body of toxins and toxins, normalizing digestion and improving metabolism. Or complex compounds that are actively involved in lipolysis: carnitine, calcium, methionine and several others, about which we will talk a little (a little, because we do not have a dissertation defense, but a review article to expand horizons with a specific practical purpose – to identify products that help lose weight ).

These properties, one way or another, are inherent in almost all simple products ( for example, there is a lot of fiber in all plant foods ), but there are clear “champions”, which we will talk about here.

Water need to lose weight

Water . What did you think ?! Water is involved in all metabolic processes of the body, including fat. It is essential for proper digestion and removal of toxins. Therefore, be sure to drink clean water every day. Moreover, the effectiveness of the so-called “water diet” has been experimentally proven. Do not be alarmed, this is not the case when you can do nothing but water (you will not just lose weight, but you will earn a bunch of diseases …), in this variant it is recommended to drink a couple of glasses of clean water before each meal. The question “how much water to drink per day?” – this is a separate interesting topic, be sure to read the article on our blog .

Animal products for lose weight

Seafood . One of the most common arguments in favor of seafood is this – look at slender Asians, who in their diet give most of it to them … In addition to this purely empirical approach, there is a scientific justification that seafood is a great option for those who want to lose weight. Various shellfish, crustaceans and, of course, sea fish are sources of highly digestible high-quality protein that will not overload your digestive system, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids ( especially fish ).

Which will help the body get rid of excess fat and at the same time increase muscle mass ( though , muscles will not “grow” just because of fish oil without physical exertion). Iodine, which is found in large quantities in seafood, normalizes the thyroid gland, malfunctioning of which is often the cause of excess weight. Well, do not forget about the saturation of seafood with vitamins and minerals ( in different seafood there are different proportions of these useful components, but in any case, there are really a lot of them there! ).

A significant drawback is the relatively high cost of high-quality seafood, so adding them to your diet on a regular basis may not be affordable for many … In any case, if possible, be sure to eat fresh seafood a couple of times a week, as nutritionists recommend.

Dairy products use a special method to lose weight

Dairy products . They are rich in calcium, which, as it turned out, effectively stops excess weight gain and also fights well with already existing excess ( data obtained by various groups of scientists, for example, a 15-week study at the Canadian Laval University, a 12-week study in Norway, a two-year study). in the USA and a number of other scientific works ). And most importantly, this macro nutrient is preferably obtained from food, rather than in the form of tablets. True, you need a lot of calcium …

A separate important question: “ What about fats in dairy products? Buy exclusively fat-free? ” In no case !!! Recent studies show that natural fats ( both animal and vegetable ) not only do not harm the figure, but are simply necessary for good health ( such data are obtained as a result of a very extensive scientific review, which was carried out by scientists from the USA and Scotland.

They arranged grandiose “meta-analysis” of the results of 72 different studies involving more than 600,000 people from 18 countries, so the information is very reliable !!!) This is, of course, great news, because now there is no need to eat not very tasty fat-free foods, however, to celebrate, you do not need to make yourself a treat from 9% cottage cheese and 25% sour cream. The conclusion is this: we avoid low-fat and fatty foods, that is, our diet should contain dairy products of medium fat content – both tasty and healthy, and safe from the point of view of gaining excess weight.

Cheese, yogurt, kefir ( or other similar drink ) will normalize the work of your digestive tract without any problems, supply the body, in addition to calcium, with a number of necessary micro and macro elements, vitamins and other useful substances. For example, lipotropic, which prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver. If you do not have lactose intolerance (the so-called “milk sugar” ), then you should consume them daily.

Fat-burning foods of plant origin and its use to lose weight

Avocado is use to burning fat for lose weight

Avocado . This at the same time exotic and already familiar to many fruit is not only useful for the general strengthening of the body, but will also perfectly help you in the fight against excess fat. The fact is that, due to its nutritional value ( about 208 kcal ), avocado suppresses hunger well, and the L-carnitine contained in it (an amino acid loved by all athletes ) improves fat metabolism ( if you add a little physical activity, then the effect of L-carnitine will generally be great! ).

White cabbage is use to burning fat for lose weight

White cabbage . Yes, she is the most obligatory guest of all festive tables, simple, tasty, healthy and … merciless to excess weight. This wonderful vegetable contains deposits of substances useful for the body, despite the fact that the calorie content of cabbage is just ridiculous, only 20 kcal. in 100 gr. Vitamin U contained in white cabbage ( and its most important constituent is the essential amino acid methionine) participates in the metabolism of fats and prevents their deposition, controls the secretion of gastric juice, it is also used to treat stomach and duodenal ulcers. In addition, cabbage contains tartronic acid, which inhibits the processing of carbohydrates, that is, normalizes fat metabolism and prevents new “fat reserves” from being deposited. It should be said that according to most experts, sauerkraut is the most useful.

Legumes is use to burning fat for lose weight

They can not only help you lose weight, but also perfectly diversify your diet, because these are: beans of different colors, lentils, chickpeas, mung bean, soybeans, peas , even peanuts. They can use to cook a huge number of delicious dishes – soups, cereals, salads, desserts. They are rich in vegetable protein and fiber, which will provide a feeling of fullness and lower blood sugar, which forces your body to use the stored energy reserves in the form of stored fat ( while there is very little fat in the legumes themselves)). In addition to suppressing appetite and inhibiting the absorption of light carbohydrates, fiber will cleanse your digestive tract, protein will serve as an excellent source for muscle mass, and a large amount of vitamins (B, C, E, PP) and various micro- and macro elements accelerate metabolism, which means the breakdown of fats also will be much better.

Grapefruit is use to burning fat for lose weight

Grapefruit is one of the first candidates for the role of a “fat burner”, at least among citrus fruits ( and almost all of them can be attributed to “fat fighters” ), it is a clear leader. Very low in calories ( only about 30 kcal per 100 g ), rich in fiber, vitamin C, antioxidants, organic acids and mineral salts, inexpensive and affordable. Simply adding half a grapefruit to your daily diet ( about 150 grams or a glass of juice) will help you lose unnecessary pounds. Observations have shown that in this mode in three months you can lose from 1.5 to 2 kg. Well, besides, grapefruit has a lot of other beneficial properties, for example, it lowers blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels.

Green tea is use to burning fat for lose weight

Green tea . Almost all nutritionists say that green tea is a great help in the fight against excess weight, as it speeds up metabolism, cleanses the body, and even has a negative calorie content! The most common recommendation is to drink a cup of green tea 15 minutes after a meal, and Asians, “fans” of this wonderful drink , claim that 4-5 cups of tea a day will give the greatest effect . ( For clarity, I will give an example of an experiment by Chinese nutritionists from Shanghai, who came to the conclusion that starting to consume green tea in the recommended amount, people lost an average of 1 to 2 kilograms, while completely not changing their rest of the diet! ).

Ginger is use to burning fat for lose weight

Ginger . The characteristic hot and spicy taste of ginger is due to two substances (gingerol and shogaol ), which stimulate metabolic processes, which prevents fat from accumulating. In addition, ginger perfectly cleanses the intestines from toxins and parasites, that is, it normalizes the digestive tract, as a result, digestion in general, and fat metabolism in particular, improves. Unfortunately, ginger is not suitable for existing problems with the thyroid gland, in the presence of peptic ulcer disease, in diseases of the heart and liver, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Fig is use for lose weight

Fig . While they are very sweet ( especially in dried fruit form with over 50% sugar! ), Figs are great for those who want to get in good shape. Fiber and small grains of figs have a good effect on digestion, prevent the body from storing excess sugar (transforming into fats ) and, in combination with a sugary taste, quickly and for a long time saturate, so you will not feel hungry soon. You don’t need to get carry away with this fruit every day ( especially considering its diuretic effect ), but a couple of times a week instead of breakfast or dinner is a great option.
Unfortunately, if you have gout, diabetes or inflammation of the intestines, figs should be ruled out … but don’t worry, our list of “fat fighter foods” is quite large.

Kiwi is use for lose weight

Kiwi . The main effect in terms of getting rid of excess weight due to the presence of enzymes ( enzymes ) in kiwi , which help to more actively break down fats. An important factor is the large amount of vitamin C, which, as we already know, also fights fat well. Kiwi perfectly removes toxins from the body and normalizes the intestines. And according to American nutritionists, kiwi is generally the healthiest fruit. Experts recommend eating 2-3 things daily. Feel free to use for snacks instead of extremely harmful “snacks” such as chips, bars, etc.

Cinnamon is use for lose weight

Cinnamon . Surprisingly, a very small amount of this aromatic spice ( no more than 2 teaspoons a day ) can greatly facilitate your task of fighting unnecessary fat. It turns out that cinnamon normalizes blood sugar very well, thereby relieving excess sugar cravings and prolonging the feeling of fullness. It improves the process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients, which, in turn, speeds up and improves metabolic processes, including lipolysis. In addition to normalizing the digestive tract, cinnamon helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body, which also helps to normalize weight.

Lemon is use for lose weight

Lemon juice promotes faster and better absorption of calcium, which is a trace mineral necessary for burning fat and producing energy. Also, lemon normalizes the digestive tract ( disturbances in the digestive system – one of the causes of obesity ) cleanses the body of toxins and toxins. To achieve the effect, you need to squeeze the juice from one lemon into a glass of clean water every day and consume one such portion in the morning and another in the afternoon.

To be fair, I must say that all citrus fruits do a great job of keeping excess weight in check. There are, of course, clear leaders, like the grapefruit and lemon mentioned here, but the rest of their “relatives” can help you.

Nuts is use for lose weight

Nuts . Yes, they are high in calories, even very, but still an excellent addition to the diet of a person who monitors their weight. The carbohydrate content in different nuts is different, but in any case, they have a low glycemic index, that is, they do not inflate blood sugar levels and are not deposited in excess fat. There is healthy vegetable protein, a bunch of micro and macro elements, vitamins, that is, nuts are a very healthy food! And most importantly, they contain a lot of fiber and vegetable fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated ) that have a beneficial effect on digestion . Dietary fiber ( fiber) not only gives a feeling of fullness, but also perfectly cleanses the body of toxins, helping to normalize weight. And the most useful fatty acids absolutely do not spoil the figure, even lower the level of “bad” cholesterol.

But it is important not to overdo it with nuts, in any case, do not emphasize them in your diet! Nutritionists recommend limiting the daily allowance to thirty grams ( one handful ), and preference should be given to almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, pine nuts and should be consumed better in the morning. They can be used as a good snack to relieve hunger for a long time, they can be added to porridge for breakfast, cereals ( or muesli ), they perfectly complement salads. Of course, like any product, nuts have contraindications, such as allergies, liver or intestinal problems, so be careful, perhaps, unfortunately, nuts will not suit you …

Hot spices is use for lose weight

Hot spices . It has long been known to medical science that hot seasonings perfectly stimulate lipid metabolism, that is, they normalize the process of splitting and proper assimilation of fats. In addition, for example, chili peppers are very high in capsaicin ( it is he who gives pungency ), and in addition to fighting unnecessary fats, it is literally capable of increasing life expectancy ( for example, according to scientists at the University of Vermont who analyzed data from a ten-year national survey )! Although, food richly seasoned with chili may not please everyone. ( I can imagine a satisfied, no, rather a victorious grin of all spicy food lovers reading this paragraph … ).

Beets is use for lose weight

Beets . Not only a tasty and comprehensively useful root vegetable, but also an excellent “fat fighter”. Like any vegetable, beets are rich in fiber, the beneficial properties of which I have already mentioned above, and they are also very low in calories. But the main plus is that it contains enough betaine and curcumin. These two substances have a number of valuable properties, but within the framework of the topic of th e article, we are more interested in their ability to prevent fat deposition . And, of course, such a wonderful vegetable contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, which will additionally have a beneficial effect on the work of all organs and help improve digestion.

I am sure everyone knows what to cook from beets since childhood. The only thing to avoid is fatty meat in borscht or beetroot, because we are fighting overweight, and not aggravating the problem. It is best to use just boiled beets, on the basis of which you can come up with a huge number of salads.

Pumpkin is use for lose weight

Pumpkin . It will perfectly satisfy your hunger in the complete absence of fat in its composition! But pumpkin is valuable not only for this. It really has a fat-burning effect due to the large amount of L-carnitine already mention at the beginning of the article ( aka vitamin B 11, vitamin T, carnitine, L-carnitine, levocarnitine, vitamin gamma ) – back in 1958 year it was proved.This compound burns fat in the mitochondria, that is, provides cells with energy by processing the fat entering the body, preventing its accumulation and deposition. Go to any sports store and there you will see that carnitine is in great demand among athletes and nutritionists for its ability to successfully fight excess fat.

In addition, pumpkin has just a huge supply of other useful substances: vitamins of group B, vitamin A ( which is much more here than in carrots ), C, E, F, PP, D, calcium ( as we already know, it is indispensable for weight loss ) , and a whole range of minerals. And how many delicious dishes you can make from pumpkin !!! Here is a healthy and inexpensive vegetable that will help you lose weight.

Apples is use for lose weight

Apples . They contain a lot of fiber, which contributes to the normalization of the intestines and the removal of toxins from the body. There is evidence that the eaten apple normalizes blood sugar levels. That is, you can well satisfy the feeling of hunger, and not harm the figure. In general, the value of these simple and affordable fruits is difficult to overestimate, because there is a well-known English saying “ an apple a day keeps the doctor away ”, that is, “ eat an apple a day and you will not need a doctor ”. As a nice “bonus” to weight loss, apples may even contribute to a longer life ( research in the UK suggests that eating apples regularly will help you live a full seventeen years longer ).

As you can see, even this non-exhaustive list is quite extensive, in order not to go on strict diets, but to eat well and tasty for the benefit of the figure. Indeed, variety is very important in food, both for the overall positive effect on physical health and for the moral and psychological state. Personally, I’m against any strict diets or mono-diet – it is when people with inexplicable obsession begin to deny yourself almost in all that relates to food or feed only some one product ( such recommendations, unfortunately full of the Internet .. .). Nutrition should be correct, that is, healthy, that is, varied, this, by the way, is one of the factors of longevity .

PS I hope you got the answer to the question ” How to burn fat ?”, But still, try to find the willpower in yourself to start exercising. The synergistic effect of a little sport and fat burning nutrition will be simply amazing!

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