“Dirty blonde hair” – the most fashionable coloring

This color is becoming very popular in every warm season. We are talking about “dirty blonde hair” – a universal shade that suits almost everyone. Why was this color named that way? Perhaps because the shade is neither light enough nor dark enough, a kind of middle ground that will suit both brunettes and blondes. We offer a look at a few ideas for this interesting coloring.
If you still have not been able to visit the beach, then at least your hair looks like it has been basking for many days in a row under the gentle sun on the seashore. Chestnut or shades of brown plus light highlights are the perfect California color option. In addition, this is a quite gentle way to slightly lighten some of the hair.
This image looks incredibly elegant. It combines a dark shade, slightly brown, and white shining blond as an accent.
Blond hair dirty of a  blond shade unusually seems natural. If your naturally blonde is not as expressive. Then dyeing in darker and lighter shades will solve your problem.
If your hair is dark hair and blue eyes, then light contouring and lighter coloring will help make your eye color brighter and more interesting. And the hair will acquire a beautiful multi-level texture.
This amazing thick and beautiful hair provides even better subtle strawberry blonde highlights. Your hairstyle provides you acquire volume and attractive shine.
A soft and pleasant option for those people who have recently returned from vacation or who are just going on vacation. These delicate, thin blonde strands will add volume and texture to your hair, and your hair will be beautiful even without styling.
Give your thin and soft brown hair some texture with some light highlights. You will get a gentle and soft sunny coloring that will look equally great on straight or curled hair.
A little more platinum blonde and your hair will get a magical shine and a light cool shade. Remember to use the right care to keep this color as long as possible.
You can only leave the roots dark for the amazing and stunning natural blonde look. A great way to change your appearance for the new season!
To change completely, you do not need to radically change the image. Sometimes it is enough to slightly lighten the strands and trim the ends of the hair. Light strands near your face will completely refresh and make your eyes more expressive.
Caramel balayazh should be great for brunettes who want to go a little lighter. Coloring is soft and natural.
The combination of dark and light tones will give you a classy texture to the hair. They look more lively, voluminous, and soft in any styling.
Tired of frequent color corrections? Then such a light balayage or ombre with dark roots and grayish-blond ends will suit you. These shades give a soft and warm glow and complement light skin tones for a healthy and radiant complexion.
A perfect look for those who prefer a soft feminine look. The combination of natural ash-blond and warm light shades gives such a beautiful result.
Try this unusual lilac-violet shade that will make your “dirty” blonde look interesting. This color is both elegant and daring, but perfect for absolutely any occasion.