cool sculpting Comparison of the cost and effectiveness

Which do you choose, cool sculpting in cosmetic dermatology or liposuction in cosmetic surgery?

I think slimming (diet) is a very serious problem.

I think that the fat cooling by cool sculpting and the washing of liposuction is also very troublesome.
Both are the same in terms of removing fat cells, but the approach is different, isn’t it?
The establishment of cool sculpting has increased the options for fat removal.
Both fat cooling and liposuction have their advantages and disadvantages.
There are choices depending on the degree of symptoms, but here we will briefly compare fat cooling and liposuction.

What is fat cooling (cool sculpting)?

Fat cooling is a slimming therapy devised by focusing on the fact that water in the human body freezes at 0 ° C, while fat freezes at 4 ° C, and can be treated at beauty clinics.
Once frozen at 4 ° C, fat cells can no longer function as cells even when they return to their original temperature and are excreted as waste products outside the body over several weeks.
Only fat can be killed without damaging the blood and lymph that freeze at a lower temperature than fat.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical slimming treatment.
You can have liposuction surgery in cosmetic surgery.
Liposuction involves making a small hole and inserting a thin tubular device called a cannula through it to suck and remove fat.
In addition, there are various methods of liposuction depending on the part and amount of fat you want to remove.
Examples include the Iconia laser method, body jet method, and suction method using special vibration energy called Baiser wave.
Nowadays, Baiser Liposuction is also said to be the standard.

Difference between fat cooling (Kuruska) and liposuction

1. With or without incision

The major difference between liposuction and liposuction is that liposuction is performed by specialist staff in cosmetic dermatology, while liposuction is performed by doctors in facilities such as cosmetic surgery. That is the point.
Liposuction does not require a skin incision, but liposuction requires anesthesia and a skin incision (several millimeters).

2. Pain

Fat cooling (Kuruska) has downtime that causes redness and swelling of the skin after treatment, but most of them are temporary, and the symptoms subside quickly and there is almost no pain.
Liposuction is a surgical procedure, so anesthesia and painkillers are used.
After the treatment, some pain will remain, so take painkillers.
Liposuction has a risk of post-treatment bleeding and infections that fat cooling (Kuruska) does not have.

3. Immediate effect

Liposuction requires more time, while fat cooling (Kuruska) has less downtime.
With fat cooling (Kurusuka), it takes several weeks for dead fat cells to be excreted from the body, it takes some time for the effect to be felt, and there are individual differences in the appearance of the effect.
Liposuction removes the fat (fat cells) by surgery, so it has an immediate effect and you can feel the effect immediately.

4. Possible locations

Fat cooling (Kurusuka) can only be applied to areas where the adipose tissue is soft and has some subcutaneous fat, or where the applicator can be attached.
It cannot be applied to areas with thin fat, such as the face and neck area.
Liposuction can also be applied to areas that are difficult to lose weight, such as the cheeks, which cannot be cooled by fat.

5. Cost

The cost of fat cooling (Kuruska) varies depending on the clinic, but on average, it costs about 100,000 yen per site (2 cycles) as a regular price.
The price of liposuction varies depending on the treatment method, but it is more expensive than fat cooling.
The price varies depending on the site and the difficulty of surgery, but the Baiser method costs about 700,000 to 900,000 yen.


targets for comparison Traditional cutting liposuction Cool sculpting
Slimming effect ◎ Since the
fat cells themselves are sucked and reduced, the slimming effect is high and it is difficult to rebound.
◎ Since the
fat cells themselves are frozen and excreted from the body to reduce them, the slimming effect is high and it is difficult to rebound.
safety ×
There have been fatal accidents due to damage to blood vessels, excessive suction of fat, and failure of anesthesia.

Taking advantage of the property that fat freezes at a higher temperature than other tissues, the temperature setting at which only fat freezes does not affect other tissues.
Pain during the procedure None for general anesthesia
There is no pain due to anesthesia, but it is difficult to adjust the amount of anesthesia itself, and fatal accidents have occurred in the past.
None No
anesthesia required. For the first 5 minutes to get used to the sensation of suction, I feel a little uncomfortable and there is no pain.
downtime It is long-term and
often causes pain such as swelling, bruising due to internal bleeding, and myalgia. It takes about 2 to 3 months to heal completely.
Almost none
Downtime is almost zero with only a little redness. From the day of treatment, daily life such as bathing and exercising is possible.
Presence or absence of scars There is
a doctor to perform the treatment is us to obscure the scar, but difficult to zero.
None No
scars are left because it is only sucked from outside the body without cutting the skin.
The beauty of the finish ×
It is said that it is difficult for a skilled doctor to make a smooth curve no matter how carefully the treatment is performed.
◎ A
the smooth body line is possible because only excess fat cells can be reliably reduced without inserting a scalpel.
Areas that can be slimmed Corresponding parts are limited Not only
can it be done anywhere in the body, but the range of slimming at one time is small.
Areas where the
the applicator can be attached Slimming is possible anywhere in the body as long as the applicator can be attached.


Summary of Kurusuka and Liposuction

Which to choose, Kurusuka (fat cooling) or liposuction.
I think that this depends on the degree of symptoms and the person’s wishes.
One thing I can say is “go to a specialized clinic and consult once
This is important!
If you go to the counseling once, you can get along with the clinic and doctors, and it will be easier to judge whether you can leave it to us with confidence.