Clean the dryer vents to reduce fire hazards

Thorough cleaning of the dryer vents requires special brushes. Vacuum fasteners alone don’t work as well as they don’t agitate the lint to pull it out of the duct walls, and it can’t reach deep enough inside the dryer’s lint filter housing.

Brush kits come with a long bristle brush for cleaning the lint filter area, as well as a round bristle brush that can clean a 4 ” round rigid dryer duct just like you would any the hidden parts of your duct. The end of the round brush attaches to a flexible fiberglass shaft that can be extended in sections.

Why you should keep the dryer vents clean

In terms of home maintenance, some of the most important tasks are often overlooked. You may change your household air filter regularly, or clean your sink, but when was the last time you considered the dryer? The maintenance of the dryer is not only about cleaning the lint net between two items of washing, but also the vent of the dryer. Blocked dryer vents may not only cost you money for repairs but also affect the health of your house or life.

Warning about the need to clean the vent

There are several warnings that your dryer vents are not working properly. The first sign is that if your dryer takes longer to dry the clothes completely, it means there is a problem with the dryer.

The dryer removes hot, humid air to dry, so if something blocks air emissions, the dryer may take longer to dry. If this hot air cannot be exhausted, it may also cause your laundry room, dryer, or clothing itself to overheat. If you notice a strange smell in your clothes, this may also be a sign that your dryer is not ventilating properly.

Blocked dryer vents can cause fires

The following are several important reasons to keep the vents clean:
When the dryer vents are not cleaned regularly and correctly, the lint in the vents is highly flammable and may cause serious fires. According to statistics from the US Fire Administration and the National Fire Data Center, there are more than 15,000 fires caused by dryers across the country each year, and 80% of the fires are directly caused by blocked vents.

Blocked dryer vents can cause carbon monoxide poisoning

Blocked vents may also cause carbon monoxide that should have been discharged outdoors to enter the room, causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Vent cleaning, energy-saving, and environmental protection

A dirty lint net will make your dryer consume 30% more energy. If your dryer’s vent is blocked, it will have to run longer to completely dry the clothes, which will waste more energy and increase your electricity bill.

In addition to wasting more energy, if the dryer takes twice as long to dry the clothes, then its service life is reduced by half. In the long run, hiring professionals to inspect and clean the vents once a year will save money and completely avoid these problems.

Vent cleaning can prevent animals from building nests

When the lint accumulated in the vent of your dryer becomes too large, the cover of the duct vent cannot be opened and closed normally. If this cover is not closed properly, it may attract birds and small rodents to use the vent as their new home. In the cold winter, for these little animals, what better place to hide than warm and dry vents? In addition to keeping the vents clean, adding a vent cover or dryer ventilation net will help prevent these animals from building nests and other debris from accumulating in the vents, while also allowing lint to drain.


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Cleaning the air duct will reduce allergies

In addition to the accumulation of dust and dirt in the ventilation ducts, there are several other factors that increase the need to clean the conventional HVAC system:
• Pets
• Water pollution or house And HVAC system damage
•Home renovation or reconstruction projects

Some households are more sensitive to these pollutants than others. In particular, people with allergies and asthma, young children, and the elderly are often more susceptible to poor indoor air quality. It clean ventilation ducts can help solve this problem.

Clean the ventilation pipe to protect the “lungs” in the home

Therefore, the cleanliness of air ducts is related to the quality of indoor air. Your heating and cooling system are like the lungs of your home. This system takes in and exhales air.

Normal household life will produce a lot of dirt and air pollutants, such as dander, dust, and chemicals. These pollutants are sucked into the HVAC system and recirculated an average of 5 to 7 times a day. Over time, this recirculation can lead to the accumulation of pollutants in the ventilation duct system, so it is really important to clean the duct regularly!

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