Bloodfist – planting and care

Blood fist was named perennial of the year in 2002 and it is easy to understand why blood fist was chosen as one of the best perennials we have in this country. This hardy and beautiful plant blooms beautifully from spring to late autumn and is very easy to care for.

Scientific name (Latin): Geranium sanguineum

Family: Geraniaceae

Planting and care blood fist

 fits just as well in the well-kept flowerbed as it does growing wild in clearings, slopes and rocky areas. 

It is recommended that blood fist gets a real challenge when it comes to vegetation, because it does prefer a well-drained soil to grow in – but when the climate is dry, the sun is scarce and the nutrition is minimal, it grows most beautifully. It is therefore recommended not to fertilize this plant too much, as it risks causing a lot of leaves, but few flowers.

Although blood fist thrives well in shady areas, direct sun is the best location for blood fist growth. Plain, well-drained and calcareous potting soil is an excellent choice and blood fist pruning is not necessary.

Easy care color explosion with blood fist

A simple plant, hardy like few, which also grows beautifully with lots of leaves and flowers – that’s what blood fist is! A plant whose properties are highly appreciated by many, thanks to the fact that there is a sense of security in this plant.

Delivering year after year, it quickly creates a beautiful blanket of dark green leaves that then burst into full bloom in June, then retain the flowers right through to August. In other words, blood fist is a lovely plant to have in your flower beds, slopes or rocky areas because it thrives in most places.

The flowers, in turn, are a story unto themselves. They sit at the top of hairy stems with pointed leaves and are deep purple in color, a color that shines perfectly in the beautiful green mass of leaves and stems.

The tale of the blood fist does not end there, because as summer begins to turn into autumn, the plant has one more show to offer before it goes into hibernation. It is now that the blood fist lives up to its name and turns into an intense red autumn color that is guaranteed to set the mood for an autumn to enjoy.

It is the ideal plant for those looking for bright green ground covers that also produce very beautiful flowers. With blood fist in your garden, you have a guarantee of beauty that few other perennials can match.

Quick facts blood fist

  • Grows wild in Sweden and is found in most of Europe and Asia.
  • Named after the foliage and stems turn intensely red in autumn.
  • A fast growing ground cover.
  • Appointed perennial of the year 2002.
  • This variant is also called Max Frei, named after the discoverer’s father.
  • Gets about 20 centimeters high.