Aptenia cordifolia, a beautiful-looking creeping plant

Scientifically known as Aptenia cordifolia, Dew or Frost , it is characterized by being a fast-growing plant (horizontal) and by its simple cultivation. If you are looking for a species that decorates, is resistant and has few requirements, this is yours.

If you continue reading you will discover everything about Aptenia cordifolia . You will learn what it is , what its most important characteristics are , the care it will need throughout its life or what pests and diseases can attack it.

A complete sheet that will undoubtedly help you with its cultivation and inspire you when planting new species in the garden.

What are its most important features?

Aptenia cordifolia is a species of South African origin belonging to the Aizoaceae family.

Commonly known as Dew , Frost or Aptenia , it is considered a creeping, succulent plant, very resistant and easy to grow.

Although it is native to southern Africa, this species has adapted very well to the climatic conditions of numerous regions of the Planet 

What are its most important features?

It grows very branched and horizontally.

Its leaves are fleshy (it is also considered a succulent species ) generally heart-shaped (sometimes oval). They are responsible for storing the water and nutrients that the plant needs to grow and survive.

The foliage is evergreen, smooth and green.

And your flowers? Well, its flowering is abundant and usually develops in a dispersed way. They are generally fuchsia, small, axillary and with four petals. As a curious fact, you should know that these open during the day and close when night comes.

Blooms in summer.

The fruit of this plant is a small capsule that contains tuberculated seeds inside.

The most cultivated variety in the world is a hybrid of Aptenia cordifolia and Aptenia haeckeliana : Aptenia × “Red Apple”. This one has greater growth, redder flowers (hence the name) and brighter green leaves.

The care your Aptenia cordifolia needs

We have already told you before, but it is not bad that we remind you at this point. Aptenia cordifolia is a resistant species that does not need much maintenance to survive.

On the contrary, it hardly requires attention.

What you should keep in mind so that your plant has magnificent growth is the following:

  • Location and lighting: If you are looking for your aptenia to have more flowers, we recommend that you grow it in an area with full sun. It also tolerates semi-shade planting and is the perfect plant for cities, urban areas and surfaces near the sea, as it is very resistant. It does not tolerate frost, but it does tolerate certain periods of drought.
  • Substrate : Aptenia cordifolia is not demanding regarding the type of soil in which it is grown, the only thing that the soil you use must comply with is that it drains irrigation and rain water well. You can place it in a pot or directly in the garden.
  • Watering : according to what we have said before, this species tolerates certain periods of drought very well, so watering should be moderate in summer and less frequent in winter (every 15 days will be enough). Remember that it does not tolerate waterlogging, so it is better to water less than more.
  • It does not need pruning or special fertilizers .
  • It multiplies through cuttings and seeds .

As you can see, Aptenia cordifolia does not require much maintenance to grow properly. As long as you take into account what we have detailed, it will be enough to achieve a beautiful and vigorous plant.

Aptenia cordifolia: Pests and diseases

And the pests or diseases that can affect it?

Well, it is a resistant species about which you should only worry about root rot (due to fungal attack as a result of excess water) and root suffocation (due to soil that does not drain water well. irrigation).

As for pests, be careful with the attack of aphids and mealybugs .

And that’s it for our today’s article. We hope it has been helpful to you when growing Aptenia cordifolia at home.