Angel Wing Begonia Care: How To Grow this Houseplant

The angel wing begonia is commonly named because of its leaf shape. Many cultivars of the begonia houseplant offer many sizes and heights. Begonia x coralline, or the cane begonia, is known as one of the easiest begonias to grow indoors. Growing angel wing begonias indoors can provide a dwarf plant for the office or a tall, bushy, shrub-like ground plant, reaching 1.5m.

Angel wing begonia flowers

Learning how to grow an angel wing begonia indoors provides a houseplant with attractive foliage year-round. Mottled or streaked foliage appears on glossy green leaves with red highlights or backing.

An angel wing houseplant blooms in drooping clusters of flowers if sited in the right location. Large clusters of flowers of different colors in a range of white, orange, pink, or red appear on the happy begonia houseplant. Flowering is promoted by proper lighting and fertilization.

Angel Wing Begonia Care and how to grow

Right-wing angel begonia care encourages year-round blooming flowers and healthy growth.

Plant begonia in a soil or soil mixture that is rich in organic matter. This houseplant loves moist but not soggy soil. Let the soil dry out between waterings.

Locate this begonia houseplant in bright, indirect light at moderate temperatures. If so, place them in low-light areas. Plants in low light conditions will grow but probably won’t flower.

Feed with nitrogen-rich houseplant food to promote larger leaves when growing angel wing begonias for foliage. Growing angel for flowers requires a different kind of fertilization than those grown for foliage. Angel wing flowers need a special type of fertilizer that is slightly higher in phosphorus than those grown just for the foliage. Provide Fertilizer after every two weeks. Depending on the cultivar, the begonia blooms from late winter through fall. Some may bloom several times during the year.

Repot each year in the spring. Promote it to a slightly larger pot each year. Add pebbles or broken pot shards to the pot to aid drainage.

Now that you have learned how to grow an angel wing begonia, experiment with different cultivars. All are attractive and low maintenance when it has grown in the correct area.