Anemone – that’s how you succeed

Anemone is a popular late summer plant with large flowers in various colors. Several varieties have a long flowering period and add color to the garden in autumn. Read here about how to take care of your anemones and get a more colorful discount.

Latin: Anemone

Family: Ranunculaceae

Genus: Anemone

Anemones and sippers

The anemone is a tuberous plant from the Sipps family. There are many different varieties of anemones – some bloom in the spring as seeps, while others sprout in late summer until autumn when the heat subsides. Most are perennial and grow with rhizomes and long stems.

Autumn seasion care

With their tall stems with flowers and green foliage, autumn anemones are the most common type of anemone to buy in stores – and happy to plant out in the garden. The plant blooms from July to September.

  • Location. The anemone thrives best in partial shade. Find a sheltered spot in the garden that is not too sunny or too shady.
  • Soil. They like moist, nutrient-rich and well-drained soil.
  • Irrigation. It must not be too wet for the anemone, but the soil must not dry out either. Water evenly and regularly.
  • Pruning. You prune your anemone in spring and then down to ground level.

Propagation of anemones

In the spring, you can propagate the flower with root tubers that you have taken out of the soil and placed in different places. Propagation in autumn is done by dividing the plant that has grown large and compact.

Cut and bouquet 

In addition to adding color to the garden, the anemones are excellent cut flowers with their clear petals. The species ‘Anemone coronaria’, bouquet anemone, is one such variant. This comes in different colors and has both filled and simple flowers. You can grow your own cut flowers in the garden and pick buds for vases indoors.

  • Cut the flowers just before the buds start to turn colour. Be careful not to damage the buds.
  • Cut the stem before placing the flower in a vase, just as you do with other cut flowers.
  • Place the bouquet anemones in cold water and place cool for longer shelf life.

Cultivated bouquet anemones can be overwintered if placed in a sheltered, sunny and warm location, mainly in the southern parts of the country. They can also be planted out as one-year-olds. Store the tubers frost-free over the winter.