Adobe Creative Cloud : subscriptions, features, prices

Adobe Creative Cloud: subscriptions, features, prices

Here’s a complete guide to Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions and their benefits. Adobe launched its Creative Cloud (CC) apps and services in October 2011. These are aimed at graphic designers, photographers, video editors, web programmers, and anyone who feels the soul of an artist. These programs can be used through a subscription or through an online service.

Whether you are a student, self-employed, or an employee, before you choose a subscription it is important to know your needs and your type of use.

Four main categories for Adobe Creative Cloud programs

Adobe Creative Cloud programs fall into four main categories, which can also overlap:

  • Photography
  • Graphics,
  • UI (User Interface) or UX (User Experience) design,
  •  Photo/Video editing.

Depending on your specialization, you can find the Adobe Creative Cloud software (s) that are best for you. Maybe you will need a single app or the full service.

If you are not sure which service and subscription to choose, then read the rest of this article.

Why subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud?

If like many, you use CS (Adobe Creative Suite), then you might be wondering if joining CC will benefit you.

We’d be tempted to say yes, it is because Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is packed with features and updates that can help you lighten your workload.

For example, Sensei, the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) software developed by Adobe, “understands the language of images, illustrations, and animations” as well as your behavior as a user.

It analyzes your content and identifies the aesthetics of the images you are looking for most often. In this way, it helps you complete the most repetitive tasks and work faster.

What is the incredible number of features of Adobe CC

Adobe has also rolled out an incredible number of features that should make your life easier and expand your creative possibilities.

Check out some of the enhancements to Adobe Creative Cloud’s most popular incredible number of features or programs below:


The Object Selection tool, easy sky replacement, neural filters (colorize a scene, modify the expression or age of a face), …


Backup and export of files in the background and twice as fast, automatic extraction of colors from an image, …

In Design

Allows importing SVG files, variable fonts, adding column rules to multi-column text, integrating online documents, improving the Share for review option, …

After Effects

Work on multi-channel EXR files 12 times faster.

Premiere Pro

Compatible with ProRes on macOS and Windows, support for 12-bit DNxHR 444 encoding and decoding, Rec2100 PQ colorimetric space, improved playback of H.264 / HEVC files, and audio content.

UX / UI designers can take advantage of Adobe XD (free) and Adobe XD for mobile devices and preview their prototype on different screens. Also, the modifications worked on a PC will be synchronized on the smartphone.

Graphic designers will love the Dimension CC program with which they can create stunning 3D illustrations with photorealistic rendering.

Adobe Creative Cloud CC has different offers

Adobe Creative Cloud has different offers depending on your usage. The company identifies four types of users: teachers, students, businesses, educational institutions (schools, universities), and individuals.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Photo and its own price list

Are you a photographer? Consider yourself as privileged because it is the only professional and artistic category that has its own price list.

You can choose from three options :

  • The Lightroom CC Plan costs € 11.99 / month. The application can be used from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or web browser. Another advantage is that you get 1 TB of online storage. To learn more and to subscribe, visit this Adobe page.
  • If you want to have Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC, then that will also cost you $ 11.99 / month, but only for desktop use. With this plan, enjoy 20 GB of cloud storage space, to which you can add up to 10 TB after subscription.
  • For more backup space, purchase Creative Cloud for Photo with 1TB included. This subscription is at 23.99 € / month. You will be able to use Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, and Lightroom Classic CC.
    To learn more and subscribe to this offer, visit this Adobe Creative Cloud page.

Adobe’s One App Offer and its cost

Freelance designers and graphic designers often need to juggle multiple Adobe Creative Cloud programs.

However, if you only need Photoshop or Illustrator, then the One App Package might be better for you.

Subscribe, as the name suggests, to a single Adobe app ($ 23.99 / month) and get 100 GB of online storage, a personal portfolio site, quality fonts, and social media tools.

If you prefer to benefit from all Adobe applications, then subscribe to its eponymous subscription (All Creative Cloud), at the moment a reduction of 20% is proposed, and this until November 27.

Are there any offers for students and educators?

Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe CC offers a special plan for students and educators. It gives access to all applications, 100 GB of storage, and Creative Cloud services, all for € 29.99 / month. The first year of subscription is € 19.50 / month.

To take advantage of it, you must prove that you are a student and at least 13 years old. Home-schooled students are also eligible.

Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe CC for schools and universities

The Schools and Universities formula is accessible via a nominative License (for small departments and workgroups) or via a License per workstation (for classrooms and laboratories).

With the nominative license, each user, against 34.99 € / month (HT), has access to all Adobe applications.

Under the same License, it is possible to subscribe to the Single application offer, it costs € 14.99 / month (HT) per person.

With it, you get 100 GB of storage per license, 24/7 technical support, and one-on-one sessions with experts.

Again, you will need to attach to an institution or academy, and there are some exceptions. We, therefore, advise you to visit this page for more information.

With one License per workstation, you can use all the applications for € 3,308 / year/workstation.

We have an article entirely dedicated to the Adobe CC Education offer for students and teachers, do not hesitate to consult it to find out which subscription to choose.

Are there any discounts for students?

Currently, Adobe offers a 20% discount on Creative Cloud for students but also their teachers, if this is a first-time registration.

Take advantage of more than 20 applications, including Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere Pro …, against € 15.60 (including tax), instead of € 19.50 / month. Note that you will have to prove your status.

Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe CC for business and large enterprises

For multiple licenses for SMEs and large enterprises, Adobe also has formulas.

There is the All apps plan at € 69.99 / month/license (HT) and enjoy quality fonts, 100 GB of online storage space, shared resource libraries, 24/7 technical support. 24, 7 days a week. Otherwise, you have the Single application offer at € 29.99 / month/license (HT).

The advantage of CC is that it is cloud-based, it allows you and your team to work together online.

Until November 27, the Creative Cloud Team is at -14%, take advantage! It goes from € 69.99 to € 59.99.

Can Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe CC be used simultaneously on desktop, laptop, and other devices?

If you work on a desktop computer but also a laptop, then be aware that CC has a number of applications that support cross-platform authoring, such as Adobe XD.

Fresco is an Adobe Creative Cloud application available on iPad, it should meet the needs of Procreate and Affinity users. It is also accessible from Microsoft Surface tablets (Pro 4,5 and 6; Book 1 and 2; Studio 1 and 2 and Go) and Wacom MobileStudio Pro ( 13 and 16 inches).

The other pearl is Capture; with this app convert your photos into color themes, patterns, typographic. Import them and reuse them with Photoshop, Dimension, XD, Illustrator, etc.

Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe CC free trial

Adobe Creative Cloud lets you try CC-free for 7 days. This trial version includes 2 GB of online storage, access to video tutorials, and a CC desktop app to manage apps, files, and fonts.

Adobe Creative Cloud on Windows and Mac

To use Adobe Creative Cloud, Mac owners need a minimum of macOS X10.11. Those with a PC require Windows 8.1 or 10.