5 useful tips for traveling with your jewelry

Few pieces

On vacation, especially if you go on an adventure, it is better to take only the essentials with you. There are many risks when you are away from home. Today I have thought of 5 useful tips for you to travel with your jewels. We choose simple bijoux for 5 useful tips, which perfectly match each other for metal and precious stones. Better to aim for neutral colors: le colored gems are beautiful, of course, but it must be possible to combine them with each of our outfits. In short: a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and a watch are more than enough for a week’s vacation!

Prepare for events

If we know in time that we have to attend some special occasion, then it’s okay to bring along some precious items to wear only on that occasion. Here, too, let’s first choose them carefully, taking care to match them with each other and with the dress. Few but good!

A unique place is one tip out of 5 useful tips

Young woman wearing gold jewelry. Golden necklace and golden rings.

Try to keep all your jewelry in one place, whether on the go or at the hotel. Better to get a small beauty case (there are also specific travel jewelry boxes!) To store all our valuables. The important thing is not to disperse the bijoux around the room, but also to take care to do a complete check of our jewels before leaving.

Of value, but not of the heart

We can allow ourselves to bring some jewels of high economic value with us, of course. Maybe a special elegant evening awaits us and it is right to arrive prepared. What matters, however, is to leave home, safe, all those jewels that have a particular emotional meaning for us. Ok to the luxury bracelet that we self-gifted on our birthday, but no great-grandmother’s pendant!

Watch out for your luggage!

If you are traveling by plane, remember that every year there is a lot of hold luggage that is lost. Better to always carry your precious items with you, even if they create some problems with the metal detector….

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