42 Dugg is out of prison and back to making music

42 Dugg is a rapper from Detroit. He is famous for his songs like “We Paid” and “Maybach”. He works with Yo Gotti, who is his boss and friend.

42 Dugg was in prison for six months. He had a gun that he was not allowed to have. He also did not go to prison when he was supposed to. He was very unhappy in prison. He said the food was bad and he could not see his family.

Yo Gotti wanted 42 Dugg to get out of prison early. He said he would pay $2 million to any lawyer who could help him. He said that was his birthday wish.

42 Dugg’s wish came true. He got out of prison early this week. Yo Gotti and his friends came to pick him up. They hugged and celebrated. They went to the studio to make more music.

42 Dugg is happy to be free and back to work. He is going on tour with Yo Gotti and other rappers soon. They will perform in four big cities in November and December.

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