10 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Dryer Ducts

In the ventilation duct cleaning industry, it is well known that cleaning the dryer duct is of the utmost importance. Complete cleaning of the air ducts is recommended every 3 to 5 years depending on use.

For example, a family consisting of two parents, children, and animals needs to have their dryer duct cleaned much more often than a person living alone.

When drying several fabric fibers dislodge from your clothes and then be picked up by the dryer filter. Over time, 2 to 5 years, a small percentage of lint passes through the filter and becomes lodged in the dryer duct. The duct must then be cleaned since it prevents the good performance of your appliance and can lead to a dryer fire in the most extreme cases.

Tip advise for the maintenance and use of dryer

1. Empty the lint filter after each cleaning

By cleaning the lint basket after each drying you improve the performance of your dryer since there is no lint which creates resistance in the filter.

2. Clean the cavity where the lint basket is located

Much of the lint collects in the cavity where the filter is located. Lint can settle when you remove the filter from your basket. Make sure to wash the filter and its container. A build-up of dust in this area could affect the effectiveness of the lint filter.

3. Make sure the duct behind the dryer is as short and as kinked as possible. It should especially not be stuck or crushed.

Each bend creates an air restriction which results in an increase in drying time and in the electricity bill. It is preferable that the duct be as straight as possible. A crushed or stuck duct decreases the airflow as well as its efficiency.

4. Check once a year that the outside outlet is not blocked by lint

Avoid screens on dryer ducts

It is well-known birds often seek to make nests in ducts outside the house. To avoid this, it is advisable to install screens at the end to block their passage. For the dryer duct, it is better not to install one and the reason is quite simple. Lint that comes out of your clothes will cling to the wire mesh during drying and over time clogs it, preventing you from using your dryer to its full potential. Ensuring a quality exterior outlet is essential, we recommend those that are metal with a valve. This opens when air is blown and closes when the dryer is no longer in use.

5. Make sure that your duct leading to the outside is not perforated.

To check if your duct is in good condition, you just need to check the airflow at the outside outlet, if your dryer dries well but there is no air coming out, it means there is a loss on the networks. The intervention of a professional is then required.

6. Clean the back of your dryer

It is extremely important to move and clean the back of your dryer. The air that is heated by the elements comes from the back of your dryer. Several fires have been declared due to a lack of maintenance at this level.

7. have your dryer duct professionally cleaned

By doing business with a specialized company you avoid many problems. This will do an inspection of the network, advise you on the use and identify if there are any changes to be made. The cleaning will be carried out according to industry standards and will ensure optimal drying.

8. Avoid the abuse of fabric softener

Fabric softener sheets leave additional residue on the lint screen which can prevent the air from circulating properly.

9. Prioritize metal rather than plastic ducts

Rigid type metal ducts are the ones to prioritize since it limits the accumulation of lint. When rigid ducts are not possible you should turn to flexible ducts. These are available in aluminum or plastic. The plastic ones are of lower quality, it dries up over time and break. The use of an aluminum hose is therefore preferable. The same applies to the level of the exterior vents.

10. Avoid leaving your dryer running unattended

By being at home during your laundry loads, you can avoid the worst, a dryer fire happened so quickly!

Professional dryer duct cleaning

One of the advantages of having your ducts cleaned by professionals is that the cleaning is done from the outside so there is no need to move your dryer. The use of an industrial type air compressor and a rotating nozzle is required for proper cleaning. The nozzle specifically designed for dryer duct cleaning blows lint out while rotating around the entire contour of the duct. The process allows all the lint present in the duct to be conveyed to the exterior.

It is better to do business with an experienced technician instead of attempting to clean the duct or even with a sweeper, as you risk puncturing it and having to replace it.

Doing business with a specialized company allows you to avoid a lot of hassle!

Maintaining your dryer ducts can therefore reduce your electricity bill, improve the performance of your dryer, reduce the risk of fire and prevent breakage of your appliance.